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Comment Re:No they aren't denying it (Score 2) 659

Even worse is that the claims of "the Bible is the direct word of God" are using translations of translations of translations. It's like a centuries-long "whisper game". Then you also have to add in all the other, "non approved" books like The Gospel of Thomas, The Gospel of Judas, Book of Jasher (which is still lost no matter what the CLDS might claim lol), Book of Shemaiah, and a huge list of texts.

To me, there just isn't enough information left to be willing to pledge "my eternal soul" to, kill in the name of, or such. There are far too many contradictions, missing pieces, etc. I personally believe many of the often quoted Levitical laws refere to specific customs and practices that where performed back then and have little to do with current events...for example I think that the laws concerning "homosexuality" actually where originally about specific initiation acts in "pagan" temples and where meant to keep the original Jewish people from accidentally "converting" via these sexual acts. Today we don't think of conversion like that; but 3,000-6,000+ years ago...if you did a specific act in a specific place; even if you didn't actually "know" it was a temple to some random God...the same thing with Jesus's talking about it: almost all the places one would go to engage in those acts where temples to various Roman gods. By going there and engaging in sexual acts, one was paying "respects" and giving money to the priests running the place.

Comment Re:This will be what happens (Score 4, Insightful) 146

"build on broken by design protocols" Seriously? The Internet is NOT broken-by-design in any way. The original scope of the design did not include the system ever being an open-to-the-public system that supports a large portion of today's civilization. It was never, in it's original scope, designed to have public web servers, financial transactions, video streaming, or such. The original purpose of ARPANET, that eventually metamorphosed into the current internet, was "to exploit new computer technologies to meet the needs of military command and control against nuclear threats, achieve survivable control of US nuclear forces, and improve military tactical and management decision making". The entire thing wasn't designed to allow non-trusted actors on it in the first place.

The design is solid. Your claim is like driving your car into a lake and then claiming the car is "broken by design" because it doesn't properly function as a water-going vehicle. Or that humans are "broken by design" because we can't breath a methane atmosphere.

Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 221

VSS is your friend; or should be your customer's friend. We have it on a nightly scheduled on all our servers on top of Back Up Exec. They could roll-back to the previous night on a System State restore, disable auto-updates, at least until you had the time to do troubleshooting on the patches.

Comment Re:Right. (Score 1) 222

I'm assuming you've never heard of ACCE, the American City County Exchange (for corporate dollars). It's the "local" version of ALEC, so they can control even your city council, local school boards, etc. "ACCE brings together local elected officials, leading industry experts and policy analysts" to compute the most effective exploitation system of citizen-based resources, tax deferments, multi-state corporate agendas, etc. ACCE is the "snake in the garden", reporting on local council meetings so they can "advise" state-level "elected officials" to pass laws and stop community-level actions before the cities can even manage to get it on to a ballot.

Comment Re:yes, the level of testing / stability (Score 1) 30

Not using a PIX 5XX they don't.. These things are ANCIENT, far past EOL. You can pick one up for $30-$50. I'm surprised Cisco is even bothering with them. Now, the ASA (depending on the model) might still be under support. But no PIX is and hasn't been for seven years now. If your using a PIX 501 as your company firewall, you deserve to be hacked.

Comment Re:HP Printer Issues (Score 1) 387

When it comes to Dell's enterprise support, they are pretty top-notch. In-state support techs, fast response times. We have five PowerEdge servers with ESXi 5.5 under service contract, and a couple of Equallogic 6100 SANs. Had an issue that caused four VMs to drop out, they fixed as much as they could and transfered us to a VMWare engineer to finish it up. Sure, it took 12 hours for it all, but saved our jobs. Their sending a tech in to swap out a controller board on one of the PS6100's next week, and helping me with updating the subnetting and vlan settings. Did I mention the techs are based in the US? Well worth the $ for to keep it all under the "mission critical" contract. You might not need it, but when you do it's a life saver.

Comment Re:As the rest of the screen... (Score 1) 167

I bought a roll of "conductive" metallic thread at Hobby Lobby, and sewed it though a few fingertips of an extra pair of my own gloves. The thread isn't very expensive, but you have to be a bit careful while sewing because it's actually normal thread wrapped with super-thin metal and can flake apart. After I was done, I dripped a bit of superglue around just the edges of my "pad". Works great.

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