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Comment Re:I don't have such a jaded view of the visa prog (Score 1) 184

my perception is based on the reality of what I am seeing well, I think I found your problem. Being in management, your perception is supposed to be based on what you WANT to happen. Even if it doesn't happen, you still pretend like it did, blame someone else, and move on to the next project!

Comment Re:Just a sec - (Score 1) 117

(fill in the blank) invite the "developers" on a free trip and then dissolve their still-thrashing bodies in vats of acid.

(fill in the blank) doxx the "developers" and give out their personal account information on file to everyone who got ripped off.

(fill in the blank) suspend the app, and the developer's dev account, until a satisfactory investigation can be completed.

Comment Re:Just a sec - (Score 1) 117

One would think Apple would have some type of back-end API allowing copyright holders, trademark holders, etc, to automatically check at least the icons and graphics used in the App Store. No app should stay up very long if it's using infringing icons. I'm waiting for Microsoft to sue Apple and these "app developers" for copyright and trademark infringement...Apple at least pretends this is against policy and supposedly reviews everything before allowing it to go live which would make them culpable in a lawsuit.

But, as we all know, that would take quite a bit of work, and cost Apple in both their 30%, building such a system, etc. It's a better profit method to just let it all run rampant and worry about whatever happens once it gets to court.

Comment Re: Trump and purchasing decisions (Score 1) 400

so much news coverage over EVERY SINGLE person he so much as considers for a position because the people he's wanting to appoint are mostly WAY out there. Blatant racists, anti-Semitics, anti-education, etc. He's gathering up all the "outsiders" for these positions...there is a reason their "outsiders". Look at Betsy DeVos, Steve Bannon, Jeff Sessions, Mark Jamison, etc. These picks are people who hate the current system and will dismantle it all, and turn it over to whatever corp will pay the most. Many of them are already considered on the fringe of the fringe, and will quickly destroy everything they can. Say goodbye to clean air, clean water, public schools, net neutrality, woman's rights, workplace safety, and most of the other ideals that make the US a "modern civilized nation". Say hello to nation-wide "stop and frisk", "papers please", corporate monopolies, massive funding for "Christian" charter schools, and a trade war with China.

Comment Re:Desperate users (Score 2) 141

Dell's Enterprise Support for products under warranty is pretty decent. We use them pretty exclusively for our VMWare sub-system, hosts, SANs, iSCSI switches, and ESXi itself. 24/7 support, with a 4-hour onsite if we need it. One phone number, one ticket. I've yet to have an issue they couldn't fix.

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