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Comment Re: My experience... (Score 1) 436

This is really a lack of control from the perspective of the US companies. When you hire a single contractor, you normally still get to interview and vet them. But when you bring in Infosys or Wipro, you get whomever they give you. You often don't have any say on whom the person is, just that "you get X number of people" that they claim are "qualified". When it's totally off-shored you don't even know when that person gets changed up...especially when the contracting company shields them via "team leads" and you never get to actually talk to the people doing the work. Often they don't even have access to the materials, specs, documentation that you provided but are on some blocked-off network without real internet access...everything flows through the leads, management, etc.

Comment Re:Simulation (Score 1) 175

If our Universe is a simulation, there is no guarentee that we would "translate" properly out of it. If you took, say, a character out of WoW somehow and placed them IRL...they would quickly die. WoW doesn't simulate all the organs, tissues, etc that "real creatures" need to survive. The reality the simulator is running in might have a totally different set of physics than the simulation. It might not even have quarks, electrons, protons, etc. Our "style of consciousness" may not even "work" in the simulator world. Even if somehow we did discover we are inside a simulator, we might be trapped there due to radically different physical laws.

Comment Re:It's A Start (Score 1) 619

I'm 43, and constantly learning new IT skills. I'm now managing a network that spans 3 countries. The job before this was a NOC tech for Sabre. I've had to really spend time doing research on everything from Elastix, S2S VPNs, command-line ESXi, datastore CLI, Cisco, GPOs, Exchange, etc. It's more like things I knida knew how to do, I am pretty proficient now. I wouldn't want to try and take just anyone and make them an IT person...but there is FAR more to IT than just programming. Of course, a high IQ and an adderal prescription really help too LOL.

Comment Re:My top movies (Score 1) 1219

I think you mean LSD for the Dead...the only real similarity between Pi and Eraserhead is they are both in black and white. If your not into Kabbalism and the occult, then Pi probably is boring,...the whole film revolves around some pretty "esoteric" concepts in that reguard. Plus I like Aphex Twin far more than the Grateful Dead.

I actually got the graphic novel after watching Immortal; the movie was pretty faithful (other than it's location). Fun trivia: the Egyptian they spoke is actually as close as anyone can get to the actual ancient Egyptian, as that version of the language is actually "long dead". There are still bits of that movie I don't quite grok.

Comment We're not NOT making the Terminator (Score 1) 141

Cyberdyne didn't specifically set out to create a "kill all the humans" T-800 Terminator either, nor was it part of their 5-year plan to create an AI that would launch a nuclear war and destroy humanity. The "law of unintended consequences" and all; they DID deploy a few T-70 units before Judgement Day. It had no neural net processor. Being in space, though, it is very "iffy" if a T-800 (or any with a coltan exoskeleton) could survive re-entry. Tantalum has a melting point of 3,020C, re-entry could hit that. Tantalum is the primary metal pulled from "coltan", and is probably one of the main metals in the Terminator's hyperalloy structure.

Comment Re:The nice kind of rape (Score 1) 903

In my state (Oklahoma), we have nothing as lenient as that. ANY drugs, residue, or paraphernalia is 1st offense misdemeanor, 2nd offense a felony. We even arrest the owners and employees of stores that sell glassware and charge them with multiple paraphernalia charges, "acquiring proceeds from drug activity", and so on. We have nothing like AB109; that sounds like a major source of problems. I'm all for reform for actual non-violent offenders; but when that line is crossed it should be damn near impossible without serious long-term heavily documented treatment and long-term REAL monitoring to be allowed anywhere near society in general.

You are in an ultra-liberal state, I'm in a very conservative state. Neither one is in "good balance". Your state has AB109; mine gave the world Scott Pruitt.

Comment Re:Someone needs to sue Twitter (Score 1) 233

Twitter was never considered a "common carrier" at all, so they cannot move "WAY away" from something they never where in the first place. "The Earth has obviously gotten WAY away from being a star", "your mom has obviously gotten WAY away from being a paper clip" make about as much sense. I know what your trying to say, but - in reference to the Telecommunications Act of 1996 - Twitter in no way has ever resembled the regulatory definition of a "common carrier". It's a service provided by a non-governmental entity. "Congress shall make no law" is the actual wording; Twitter is not Congress. They can do whatever they want with the posts; there is zero legal reasons they can be forced to leave any post up at all. In fact, Twitter itself has "free speech" protection. Loving v. Boren (1997) is one of the cases that this idea of free speech on non-government forums has been decided.

Comment Re:The nice kind of rape (Score 1) 903

We should just send all criminals to Australia. As everyone knows, Australia is entirely peopled with criminals.

Seriously though, anyone who "robs" or "steals" is no longer a "non-violent" offender. There are pretty precise lists that categorize that, state-by-state and federally. Burglary II, something not involving another person, is usually considered "non-violent". Burglary I specifically involves someone else. One is "class A" felony, the other "class B".

Most people, when talking about "non violent drug offenders", are meaning people who usually have no other felony convictions, and are busted for using pot, LSD, X, or something else along those lines. The monster you had to deal with should have never been categorized as such; that's a failing of the court systems in your state. But this is one of the reasons my parents left California many years ago...

That he was allowed out without a tracking system, with having a long rap sheet already, is just ridiculous. Well, it's horrifically ridiculous, seeing what the eventual outcome was. I'm really sorry for you and your family, btw.

Comment Re:So you exclude half the taxes and what you get? (Score 1) 903

Sole proprietor != S Corp. Big difference. If you got sued, you could loose everything. If he got sued, he would only loose what was in the corp's name (assuming he kept good separation and records). You are making money directly, the S corp gets paid, and then it pays him as an employee. Technically he should have been giving himself a paycheck, and the state SHOULD have given him unemployment benefits out of that..but I'm not surprised CA has some law that lets them keep that money.

Comment Re: This reminds me (Score 1) 300

Or that they already have an H1B in mind, so have to put the job out at a super-low rate so they can bring the H1B over at their "offered market value". "Well, you see, no American wanted the job! We even offered almost $15/hr!". I get emails CONSTANTLY about jobs I'm qualified for, but are on either coast or at least 1,000 miles away. I think that they are just part of the "we did our USA search" H1B system. The one time I tried for one that was actually in my home town, the first thing they did was force a first-response contract on me, then screwed up everything else relating to actually doing the work and the whole thing fell apart. When I need to, I only deal with companies like Manpower Professional, TekSystems, or another "headhunter" who actually has a local office in my town.

Comment Re:Why Not? (Score 1) 300

About IBM...well, that's only IF you didn't buy anything from a division that got spun off to China. This question, concerning the Missile Defense Agency supply chain came in late last year:

Does your supply chain utilize Lenovo Group Ltd (To include its subsidiaries: LenovoEMC, Medion AG, Stoneware Software, Motorola Mobility, NEC, Nok Nok Labs, and IBM PC Division) manufactured or produced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) products, including Hardware, Software, and/or Firmware components to process, store, or transmit information pursuant to the scope of any THAAD Subcontract?

My assumption is that it's a recognized fact that PLA Unit 61398 and others have infiltrated the above companies. This is coming straight from General Dynamics, and imposed by the DoD.

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