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Submission + - Buffer sees clear benefits to transparent employee salary policy

An anonymous reader writes: At social media startup Buffer, a single leadership decision eliminated salary negotiation for new employees, preempted gender-based salary discrimination, and prompted a flood of job applications.

The decision? Make all employee salaries transparent.

"We set down transparency as a core value for the company," CEO Joel Gascoigne said in 2014. "And then, once we'd done that, we went through everything. And salaries was one of those key things that we found that [made us] question ourselves: 'Why are we not transparent about this?'"

Years later, the policy is still in place (go ahead and calculate your salary as a would-be Buffer employee)—and it presents a fascinating case study for anyone interested in the ways open organizations approach a rather prickly subject: transparency.

Submission + - One Ring to pwn them all a.k.a. the BackDoorbot

An anonymous reader writes: A flaw in the IoT doorbell, Ring, was revealed recently that allows a visitor to steal your home WiFi password from your doorstep, without ringing the bell & without leaving traces of an attack

Although the announcement was made a few weeks back, a more recent post revealed that the flaw was in fact disclosed to Ring in March last year but wasn't fixed by the vendor

Here an attacker can be seen grabbing the owner's home WiFi password using only a screwdriver, a pin and a mobile phone

Yet another piece of bad news for IoT Security.

Comment Re:Good Plan (Score 1) 473

Good point. If Net Neutrality ever fails in favor of providers offering streaming service to THEIR streaming content and filtering out competition, then Netflix will long for the days when they had a business model that cost an extra $700 mil per year to give them access to customers.

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