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Submission + - Reporting companies which leak email addresses to

l0b0 writes: In December I sent an email to a Spanish company to arrange a visit at an astronomic observatory, which was subsequently completed. Recently I have received a lot of Spanish spam messages. While this is probably not court-admissible evidence, I have a very strong suspicion that spammers have got access to their customer emails. I have tried notifying them about the situation:

After sending an email to [redacted] in December, I have suddenly started receiving a *lot* of Spanish spam email. You might want to review who has access to your customers' email addresses.

This was completely misunderstood:

we sent you a email on the 14th of December and no one answer, The next visit began on April.

I have tried to clarify the situation in another reply, but unless and until they do something about it, anyone else who contacts them is probably at risk. What is the most effective way to warn others that they should not contact this company directly, and to revert this statement once the company has got its act together?

Comment The Golden Years (Score 1) 455

Wow, I'm glad I started using Ubuntu in 2007 - Finally painless display setup. 2008 brought painless stereo audio setup, and 2009 painless 5.1 sound via S/PDIF: Glory be! 2010 brought ... Unity?! I usually love experimenting with new interfaces, but this clearly had not been tested by real humans on real hardware.

Submission + - BioWare forums hacked (ea.com)

l0b0 writes: Early this morning (CET), BioWare informed their forum users by email that they "recently learned that hackers gained unauthorized access to the decade-old BioWare server system supporting the Neverwinter Nights forums." Their FAQ has more information, one of the important bits being that "no credit card data was compromised."

Comment Digital + physical folders (Score 1) 371

Anything really important (ownership documents, job contracts) is scanned + distributed to all my machines with Git, and a physical copy is kept in a small folder dedicated to that theme (one for each insurance, each bank, warranties, diplomas, etc.). Less important documents are just scanned (or retrieved electronically, when possible) and the physical copy discarded. A well organized digital library is great when you don't want to shuffle through a huge stack all the time.

Comment Re:Great idea... (Score 1) 472

Whoah, that's a great idea! Let's see... Profit is divided among the musicians on perhaps a monthly basis calculated from sales metrics. Prices and salaries would be decided by a board of directors or some such, containing plenty of active musicians (anyone who's on tour could partake via webcam) on a round-robin basis to make sure both the high and low earners get a say. Some sort of bonus scheme would probably be in order for the employees to encourage both the finding of new music and the proliferation and freeing of old music.

The organization would have to plan for rapid growth, with the administration overhead that would generate. For example, round-robin meeting participation would be laughable if the members would have to wait years between attending. Maybe a sort of member voting system would be in order on top of the board, a bit like the Swiss political system.

Comment Re:Just a thought. (Score 1) 375

First, to the best of my knowledge, nobody has ever killed anybody else in the so-called "religious wars" we techies tend to get into. And your thinly veiled attempt to divert attention to "worse" religions completely ignores the fact that science seems to have thrived much better under other religions than christianity (look up the history of mathematics some time). And if your argument is about scientific progress today, consider that the western world is more secular than ever.

Comment Ubuntu 10.10 (Score 2) 65

Here's what it has to say about that:

Lenovo ubuntu 10.10 is a motherboard. This product is available from Lenovo. The Lenovo ubuntu 10.10 has been tested via the Phoronix Test Suite in the configurations listed below.

Let me know when they've sanitized their DB.

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