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Re:Peace , definitely Good!  *Wednesday December 31, 2003 @04:06PM  1
   attached to Israel Suspends MS Office Purchases For Now
IBM commitment to Linux, and Microsoft  *Wednesday June 27, 2001 @08:55PM  1
   attached to Ask IBM's Linux Marketing Director
The FSF often deals with GPL violations  *Tuesday January 02, 2001 @08:28AM  1
   attached to GPL'd Code Finds New Home
"Debian" Hurd?  *Tuesday December 05, 2000 @04:57AM  1
   attached to Debian Hurd Still Coming
Emacs+GNOME?  *Monday April 17, 2000 @06:40AM  1
The GPL and incompatible Free licenses  *Monday April 17, 2000 @06:32AM  1
Commercial interests in the Free Software world  *Monday April 17, 2000 @06:19AM  1
Free Firmware / Hardware?  *Monday April 17, 2000 @06:09AM  2
Propoganda  *Monday April 17, 2000 @05:48AM  1
   attached to Talk Things Over With Richard M. Stallman
Standard theming?  *Monday March 27, 2000 @11:08PM  2
KOffice / GOffice compatibility  *Monday March 27, 2000 @11:03PM  1
Commercial competition and GNOME/KDE  *Monday March 27, 2000 @10:49PM  1
   attached to Ask Miguel de Icaza About Gnome
Re:Desktop Compatibility  *Monday March 20, 2000 @12:31AM  2
   attached to The GNOME-Microsoft Connection
What about the HURD?  *Sunday March 05, 2000 @09:22AM  2
   attached to Computer Science Curriculum Using Linux?
Open Source and disclosed source  *Friday March 03, 2000 @11:15AM  1
   attached to Open Sourcing Windows Based Project
Re:RMS confuses me sometimes...  *Tuesday February 29, 2000 @02:55PM  1
   attached to Free 32-bit Processor Core
Cell Phone integration?  *Sunday February 27, 2000 @10:26PM  1
   attached to More on the Samsung Linux Handheld
These articles ARE annoying...  *Saturday February 19, 2000 @01:01PM  1
   attached to Connell Replies to "Grok" Comments
Re:I, for one, will stop reading Slashdot  *Monday February 21, 2000 @01:32PM  1
   attached to New Borland/Inprise Linux Developer Survey
Not a client.. The specs  *Saturday January 29, 2000 @11:23AM  2
   attached to Petition Apple for Linux QuickTime
GNU HURD  *Friday January 14, 2000 @10:30AM  1
   attached to Category: Best Deserving of a $2,000 Award
3.9.17 is much more modular  *Saturday January 01, 2000 @02:39PM  5
Re:The license is a non-issue, good point still  *Saturday January 01, 2000 @02:19PM  4
   attached to New XFree86 snapshot - 3.9.17
Being geek is a character and a way of life  *Saturday January 01, 2000 @11:51AM  1
   attached to Top Ten Geeks of the Millennium?

"We are on the verge: Today our program proved Fermat's next-to-last theorem." -- Epigrams in Programming, ACM SIGPLAN Sept. 1982