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Comment Re:uhhh (Score 1) 545

Answer: it is. stfu.

A) Legally, the modem and router are their property. they don't stop you from using your own router, but the one they give you is a lease.

B) The contract you sign when you sign up for Verizon has states that they can access your equipment under certain circumstances.

one of (several) such sections of verizon's TOS:
Monitoring of Network Performance by Verizon.
Verizon automatically measures and monitors network performance and the performance of your Internet connection and our network. We also will access and record information about your computer and Equipment's profile and settings and the installation of software we provide. You agree to permit us to access your computer and Equipment and to monitor, adjust and record such data, profiles and settings for the purpose of providing the Service. You also consent to Verizon's monitoring of your Internet connection and network performance, and to our accessing and adjusting your computer settings, as they relate to the Service, Software, or other services, which we may offer from time to time. We do not share information collected for the purpose of network or computer performance monitoring or for providing customized technical support outside of Verizon or its authorized vendors, contractors and agents.

Comment Re: Same Old Story (Score 3, Insightful) 1018

did you design those condensers? do research on improvements? market them? package/ship them? oversee the entire operation to ensure that they were being sold at approx. the same rate at which they were built, and that you always were supplied with the raw materials / tools necessary to build them? own the building you produced them in? generate all the energy needed to create them?

but no, you just shit out those $5000 condensers on your own right? no costs to the company but your working wage.

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