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Comment Re:If the tables were turned (Score 0) 412

I find it to be the other way around - I actually mostly stopped posting on this website a few years ago due to right-wing/conservative trolls who was shouting down everything else than (slightly paraphrased) "America F*k yeah! We use the English language so this is an american site, go somewhere else if you don't agree 110%!" and "Socialist Obama want to enslave us all and take our guns!!", mixed in with a bit of "feet and gallons are the best units, anyone who claims otherwise must be a spy" and "why do we discuss politics? This is a tech site!". And I've spoken to several people who say they did the same thing - reacting not to normal republicans/conservatives, but to such "trolls".

So I find your claim to be... interesting. On the other hand, maybe things have changed?

Comment Re:Eye protection? (Score 1) 97

Yeah, that was my thought too. Eye protection should be the bare minimum when doing something like that - personally after seeing the effect and the not-so-long range, I would not have fired it without a face shield+helmet+heavy protective garments/boots/gloves with little chance of any pieces getting caught long enough to burn through...

Just imagine what would have happened if the shell didn't go as far as it was intended, but landed at his feet...

Comment Re:No label = must not be important (Score 1) 169

As described in the article, they have such tools, but the facility has been remodeled many times over the 60 years it has been in operation so the database is no longer 100% accurate. The database is therefore useful to check which cables *may* be redundant, but one still has to check...

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