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Comment Re:Just switch to Natural Gas (Score 4, Informative) 147

It's actually not a conservative thing. It's that the Republican Party, which is sort-of conservative, is controlled by a few monied elite that have significant fossil fuel interests. Therefore, in the U.S., fossil fuels = conservative cause, but not because it has anything to do with actual conservative ideology.

Comment Re:Party breakdown (Score 1) 93

Wow... you missed a chunk of American political history.

There are a number of explanations on how and why the party of Lincoln became what it is today, and how the parties basically exchanged platforms. Certainly, the switch started happening before the Civil Rights Act in 1964, but there was a widespread swing after that act where southern Democrats switched to the Republican Party.

The references to this are all over the place:

Comment Re:Turd Anyway (Score 1) 168

On Mac OS X, since it has hot plug Thunderbolt support, everything just works. Under Windows, most systems do not have hot plug Thunderbolt support, so a restart is needed. Some Macs do have support for Thunderbolt hot plug while running Windows.

Submission + - New app turns smartphones into worldwide seismic network

Saeed al-Sahaf writes: UC Berkeley wants your phone to help detect earthquakes. The school has released an Android app, MyShake, that uses your phone's motion sensors to detect the telltale signs of tremors and combine that with the data from every other user. Essentially you become part of a crowdsourced seismic station network. Once enough people are using it and the bugs are worked out, however, UC Berkeley seismologists plan to use the data to warn people miles from ground zero that shaking is rumbling their way. An iPhone app is also planned.

Comment Re:Erm... (Score 2) 130

Tesla PowerPack is being sold at $250/kWh. It is most cost effective at shifting energy from the lowest cost time periods to the highest cost time periods (peak shaving) where the demand charges can be extreme. At the consumer pricing of near $350/kWh now, the costs for regions like Hawaii make sense already. There are also those willing to pay slightly more either in areas that are difficult to be on-grid or where the grid is unreliable.

Comment Re:Suckers (Score 1) 59

Nonsensical comment since by definition, any money the company spends is "other people's money" depending on how you want to view it. Tesla raised money specifically to spend it to grow the company. So why would investor's have a problem with them doing exactly what they have communicated that they will do? The answer is, they don't have a problem with it.

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