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Comment Beware of iframes (Score 1) 373

I guess the next thing to do is to start making websites with hidden iframes that loads pages of "questionable" content so that it will posion your DNS history. You may not have actually seen the "questionable content" in question, but your browser certainly loaded the content which in technical terms would fall in-line with the profile of this "anti-cheating" system.

It's as if you are assumed guilty of any sex crime simply by walking through the red-light district.

Comment The internet white noise generator (Score 2) 159

This is what I have been saying all along for the last 10 years. Fighting privacy by making yourself more private is not the solution. The current premise of all surveillance programs that are being operated today assumes that it is generated by a human being. The easiest way to counter this assumption we can go back to the Aesop's Fable "The boy who cried wolf".

What did the boy do? The boy cried wolf so many times that in the end when he told the truth, no one believed him. If that boy was alive today and wanted personal privacy, he would be crying wolf all the time. How would that work?

Automate the process and make it easy that everyone else can do it, too. If everyone cried wolf, who would you believe? We change the assumption and accept the fact that surveillance isn't going away. However, by burying the would-be listener with unlimited content and for someone/something to groom through all that data to figure out what is relevant, what is the truth and un-truth, it is a daunting task and it opens a new set of problems. How can you assess the threat if everyone was saying the same thing all the time, became friends with everyone else? Do you really know that person? Or is everyone really friends with Timothy McVeigh because he is such a cool guy until he pull that crazy stunt in OKC in 1995. What if sleeper cells weren't so sleepy but were outright public being a sleeper cell?

Comment civil disobedience (Score 2, Interesting) 406

One way to make a point, why not just have all your friends sexting to each other, make a facebook page, make it a facebook group, twitter about it, chose a day, and everyone participate in an act of civil disobedience. What are they going to do? Prosecute every single teenager that has a cell phone? This forces the law to react because clearly the law has been applied incorrectly because someone decided that it was easier to punish the few but the will of the masses to demand common sense will prove just in the end.

So my question is, when is the National Sexting Day going to take place?

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