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Comment Re:Monopoly Abuse (Score 1) 557

It's what Microsoft always does. The only reason they haven't embraced and extinguished interoperability on the Internet is that they were late arriving at that particular party. Nonetheless they made quite a go of it, particularly in the e-mail space in the 1990's. Slapdash implementations of POP, IMAP, (E)SMTP, MIME... to administer a mail system in those days was to suffer.

Comment Re:Oh yeah, just what I need. (Score 1) 229

That hour of training is no longer necessary with the current technology because it has been listening to everyone and learning to deal with their local accents and speech patterns. All that data is probably too much to be stored locally. And since people expect voice recognition to just work, there's no way we're going back to training local systems for single speakers, at least for net services.

Comment Re:There is a legitimate dispute (Score -1, Troll) 534

And you are what is known as a "useful idiot." The climate deniers, like the Big Tobacco deniers and the concussion deniers before them, operate using the same playbook. No matter how much evidence there is, the deniers cultivate so-called reasonable doubt like a prized field of weed. As long as they can keep people smoking what they are selling they'll be able to distract the body politic from doing what needs to be done.

Comment Re:NYTimes, Washingon Post etc (Score 1) 822

If there's a Bizarro world we have to be living in it already.

A black man named Barack Hussein Obama is President of the United States. Gay marriage is legal in all fifty states. Pot is legal in twenty-four. Donald Trump is the presidential nominee for a major political party. The Cubbies and the Indians are in the World Series. The Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA title this year. Early this year an armed group took over the headquarters of a federal wildlife refuge. Later this year they were arrested for it, stood trial, and walked.

I think the switch happened back when Obama was first elected but it might have been as far back as Reagan.

Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 2) 425

Well, I'm interested in the product. I imagine others are as well who want to keep a gun at home outside a gun safe but still unusable by an untrained person who might find it. Could be children, could be a colleague rummaging through your desk (with permission), could be the woman who comes every two weeks to clean your house.

There isn't any situation where I'm going to snatch up a gun and want to fire it instantly. I'm simply too afraid of killing the wrong person to do something like that. I'm not a soldier, I'm not a policeman. A fingerprint reader will have plenty of time to reliably match my print because I'm going to take some time before deciding to kill somebody. If I can't take that time, then I guess they are going to kill me.

Comment Re:flip flops (Score 2) 523

He's a snake oil salesman. He's been saying Trump will win for over a year because Trump is a "master persuader" and could sell water to a drowning man. Facts have no bearing on people's choices, only "linguistic kill shots" matter, etc. Now that Trump is losing badly and Adams is being proved wrong, it turns out that neither he nor Trump is "fueled by criticism" after all, they just duck it like everyone else.

Google's DeepMind Develops New Speech Synthesis AI Algorithm Called WaveNet (qz.com) 46

Artem Tashkinov writes: Researchers behind Google's DeepMind company have been creating AI algorithms which could hardly be applied in real life aside from pure entertainment purposes -- the Go game being the most recent example. However, their most recent development, a speech synthesis AI algorithm called WaveNet, beats the two existing methods of generating human speech by a long shot -- at least 50% by Google's own estimates. The only problem with this new approach is that it's very computationally expensive. The results are even more impressive considering the fact that WaveNet can easily learn different voices and generate artificial breaths, mouth movements, intonation and other features of human speech. It can also be easily trained to generate any voice using a very small sample database. Quartz has a voice demo of Google's current method in its report, which uses recurrent neural networks, and WaveNet's method, which "uses convolutional neural networks, where previously generated data is considered when producing the next bit of information." The report adds, "Researchers also found that if they fed the algorithm classical music instead of speech, the algorithm would compose its own songs."

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