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Comment Re:Give us C++ (Score 1) 211

Thanks for the pointer.. 8) That's nice indeed.

I looked into the Android SDK once before, but I was quickly put off by the requirement to install Eclipse and some plugins for it.

I think that it's particularly important to keep things easy because most people that look into these SDKs do so as a hobby at first..

Comment Re:Give us C++ (Score 1) 211

I suppose it depends to what you are used to. VS is quite popular in game dev.

Personally I rely on Visual Assist X for refactoring and better code navigation.
Also the debugger is pretty powerful, a lot better than XCode's one in my experience.

Comment Give us C++ (Score 2, Insightful) 211

Java may appeal to some, but many of us just want C/C++ (Objective-C, allows that).
Games on consoles and PC are normally not developed in Java for many good reasons. Game developers that want to transition to phones are likely to prefer to stay with C++ where they can use their tools of choice, such as Visual Studio.

In fact, I think that a few people out there already develop C++ on PC and keep the actual iPhone/XCode build on the side. This is a big plus for those that are already making games and would like to try to use their knowledge and tools for a cell phone game..

Comment Beat Lazines (non-AC 8) (Score 1) 601

- Turn off theTV, laid down the YouTube, try avoiding the Internet if possible 8)
- If you feel like wandering, wander within the project: add a less useful feature but fun to implement
- Release often, or at least submit changes more often
- Write about the project. Getting even just a couple of people interested can make a big difference for your motivation..

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