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Comment sticking with version 48 (Score 1) 129

I disabled updates because they're going to get rid of addons. If I have to start over trying to get the functionality of noscript, greasemonkey, privacy badger, ublock, adblocks edge, adnauseum, google privacy, status-4-evar.... I might as well submit to google and install chrome.

Comment politics (Score 1) 182

acceptable levels of toxins will be increased for more than two dozen known carcinogens and decreased for 13 currently regulated chemicals. State officials back the plan because it places new rules on 39 other chemicals that are not currently regulated.

I guess leaving the other ones alone and regulating those 39 was too logical of a step to take.

Comment Re:Awesome legal hacking by plaintif (Score 1) 571

Last Week Tonight's recent show was on "debt buyers", who use a similar technique of gambling that people won't show up in court. They buy debt from banks for half a cent on the dollar, sue for the money, defendant doesn't show up, so by default (still) owes the whole amount -- debt buyer makes a big profit.

Comment Re:AI could with by cheating with insane micro (Score 2) 173

It's definitely keyboard, not mostly mouse. I think APM of 300 is more normal, but peaks of 500 happen. But APM includes things like "spamming" hotkeys, where you hotkey your buildings to say keys 4, 5, 6 and flick through them to check whether they're done building/training, and clicking like crazy before a unit can train yet (to make sure it starts ASAP). Example of Flash playing SC2.

There's another thing called EPM, which is Effective actions Per Minute. That eliminates most of the spammy kind of things (there's also where you right-click spam with the mouse on the ground many times to order a unit to go to basically one place but you're sort of perfecting the position, for example).

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