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Comment Re:A little more bias in the post, please. (Score 1) 161

I think you may be confused, this is just a strict anti-microsoft bias (which is very common here)

I don't think so. Anti-microsoft bias focuses on their piss-poor products, or their business practices that make it harder for us to acquire good products.

especially to someone like you who probably thinks "socialist" is a swear word.

You mean somebody with at least a basic understanding of economics?

Comment Re:Compartmentalize the budget (Score 1) 161

Slavery was not a big issue for the seceding states. They were primarily concerned about tariffs. Their ships exporting cotton to Europe would come back full of manufactured goods, and Lincoln's proposed protective tariff would have hurt them significantly. The Corwin Amendment (the first attempt at a 13th amendment), which would have enshrined the legality of slavery in the Constitution, was well on its way to passage. Lincoln (who was far from an abolitionist) even entreated the states to pass it during his inaugural address. The Simpsons addressed this dumbed down look at the war quite well.

Virginia, the largest slave holding state, didn't secede until the Union attacked the Confederacy, and cited that as the reason.

The republican congress didn't even bother trying to pass the 13th amendment outlawing slavery until the it looked like the courts would overturn the emancipation proclamation as an illegal executive order (all those newly freed southern blacks were voting republican, and a return to bondage would cost the republicans their majority).

Comment A little more bias in the post, please. (Score 1, Interesting) 161

Could you put a little more socialist bias in your description of the events?

Why no complaints about the 50,000+ six-figure jobs Microsoft created in King County? Or about how Seattle and the Eastside have some of the best public schools on the planet, funded by property taxes, paid by homeowners who work for MS, Amazon, and Google among others? Or about how the technological innovation these companies, and others, provide, funded by the money they don't have to pay as taxes, has improved the abilities of humans around the world to access information and training?

I'm guessing that as a typical socialist, you're unable to understand the concept of opportunity cost (i.e. when taxes remove money from the private sector, the private sector has to cut R&D, expansion, or other expenditures). You probably think that a broken window is good for the economy, despite what Bastiat proved.

Comment Re:I am not able to find that disproof (Score 1) 270

I noticed the same thing. Everything I've seen on monkey typists says that as either the number of monkeys, or the time, approaches infinity, the probability of getting a target string out of the typing pool approaches 1.

I also find it funny that in a post about a book on the Iraq debacle, the /. audience focuses on a tangential statement about probabilistics.

Comment Re:So... (Score 1) 676

We already know that the gop thinks that they own us and will sell us down the river if their corporate sponsors believe that it will save them a few buck

Do you honestly think any democrat is better? Look where all the Wall Street campaign donations are going. In 2012, most went to the democrats. Do you think they did that because the democrats were going to rein in corporate malfeasance? Or maybe because the Obama administration and democratic leadership are a subsidiary of Goldman Sachs?

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