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Comment Why does this matter? (Score 4, Insightful) 693

The real issue is the fact that DNC tried to stop Bernie with a few underhanded tactics.

The DNC is now trying to redirect the focus everyone to say the Russians did this rather than asking why Bernie didn't get a fair shot or why Hilary was basically given a free pass. I am more worried about why these emails were written in the first place and why the people at the DNC were stupid enough to think their email server couldn't be hacked.

Comment Re:Yep - impersonation (Score 1) 565

Additionally and more importantly why the fuck should the *center for disease control* be funding gun studies? Shouldn't congress make them spend their money on fucking fighting disease, instead of our constitution?

Part of the reason why cars are safer today than 40 years ago is because the CDC did studies examining car safety and provided the results and recommendations to Congress.

Yes, they should be fighting disease as well. But when they request money to prevent and study possible epidemics like Zika and Ebola, Congress takes forever to pass anything (if they do) and normally under funds them.

Comment Re:countersue (Score 1) 571

Actually this is the solution. He needs to counter sue for lost time and wages, and for his lawyer's expenses for these lawsuits and the counter suit one.

I am pretty sure that if these facts are all accurate and true, he could easily get a judgement of about $100,000 in his favor. And he might be able to stop this guy from doing this to other people.

Unfortunately this is the only way that Doug Costello could probably get our legal system to work for him.

United States

Al-Qaeda Calls For the Execution Of Bill Gates and Others To 'Damage the US Economy' ( 486

An anonymous reader writes: Al-Qaeda's official online propaganda magazine, Inspire, contains a montage of violent images -- things like guns and blood -- next to an image of Bill Gates. The terrorist group is urging its followers to murder successful business folks, such as Gates, which is absolutely sickening. The terrorist group says that murdering high ranking people can damage the U.S. economy.

Comment Why would you only get your news from Facebook? (Score 1) 215

I don't trust any single source for news. Why would anyone think that they were getting unfiltered news from a website like Facebook?

I know folks are going to have to report to a Congressional Committee over this, but why is this a story? NBC leans heavily liberal, Fox leans heavily conservative, CNN does something which only people in airports actually see.

Facebook may get sued by those who pay for advertisements on their website, which may be fair, based on the wording of contracts.

Is it just because Gawker is screaming about this at the moment, that this is news? There is no unbiased news anymore, why does this shock or confuse anyone?

Comment Re: What about (Score 1) 530

The better argument would be to argue that they kill bats, which they are known to do via causing their lungs to explode.

But fossil fuels have killed at least hundreds of thousands (most likely higher) of animals via spills, pollution from burning, and transportation.

Everything we do has an impact. But continuing to burn things, will endanger the entire planet, where killing birds or bats in an area will have a much more minor impact on the global environment.

Comment Re:Orders from whom? (Score 1) 123

I will let you look at the other replies to this and also point out, that because the FISA court is not public, the evidence all comes from leaks.

If there is nothing corrupt going on here, why do two-thirds of the orders have no end date on them?

It is obvious that both Google and Microsoft have issues with some of these, maybe there is a reason for that.

Comment Re:No doubt Slashdot will support MS here (Score 4, Insightful) 123

Sometimes it's necessary to maintain the secrecy of an investigation, like to find out who a terrorist's conspirators are. That said, Slashdot is primarily concerned with ensuring that terrorists have privacy to plot their attacks, that they have strong first, second, and fourth amendment rights, and that the contents of dead terrorists' phones aren't decrypted by investigators. Sorry, Slashdot, but the Bill of Rights was never meant to protect treason.

Microsoft says in the suit that federal courts have issued nearly 2,600 secrecy orders to the company over the past 18 months, and more than two-thirds of those orders didn’t have a defined ending date.

I seriously doubt that the 2,600 orders that Microsoft has received in the past 18 months, are all for foreign adversaries.

And even if they are for an American who the law thinks is a terrorist, the law needs to respect that person's rights. Otherwise if the person is convicted the conviction will eventually be overturned.

If we start ignoring all of our constitutional rights because of terrorism, then what are we fighting for at that point?

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