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Comment Re:Humans are really adaptable (Score 1) 522

The problem with that is you are only considering the dinosaur mass extinction. There have been at least 5 mass extinction events in the history of earth.

One of the other was believed to be caused by the eruption of a super volcano, which could happen these days. If Yellowstone were to completely erupt it would wipe most life off of the earth.

Another possible extinction event is an astronomically close supernova. Which would strip our ozone layer and the sun would do the rest.

Not to mention a nuclear war or a rogue planet moving through the solar system (could throw off our orbit or very unlikely hit earth).

Can humans survive some of these events? Yes, but how long will it take for the earth to be habitable again is the more important question.

Also don't forget that an underground society is going to need to use lots of energy to keep the lights on for plants to grow and it will need a way to get clean water. So, we may have enough supplies for tens of years or maybe even a couple hundred or so, but will the earth be habitable (reasonable climate, decent oxygen levels, ozone layer to protect from the sun, ability to grow plants) again that soon?

What always survives these extinction events is multi-cellular organisms deep in the ocean, which can eventually reform life on the planet. In the last mass extinction event small mammals survived just under the surface of the earth, but that is not always the case.

Comment Re:Sure thing. (Score 2) 258

If they're wrong, the refutation would be more science, not conspiracy theories.

And if they are right, the global climate will change rapidly over the next hundred years. Species around the world will die off due to this. Famine in some areas and flooding in others will kill off millions of people.

But lets just assume they are wrong, it isn't like they got us to the moon or they have done any good science before. We should all just ignore this and continue polluting as much as possible, because change is hard!

Comment Re:Sea level rise isn't the main problem (Score 5, Informative) 376

Some people think it is going to be gradual but there are people who think it could be sudden for a few reasons.

Antartic ice sheets are melting at this time, but it is currently trapped by the ice there.

Most people don't think these sorts of things happen regularly, but glacial floods have been seen in the earth's history (as long as you believe the earth older than 6000 years).

Also, the reason that ocean sea level rise has not been seen everywhere up to this point is because the Arctic ice was over water, which meant that no water was added to the ocean. Antarctica and Greenland's ice are not currently a part of the ocean, so when this makes it to the ocean, things are going to go bad around the world.

Aside from the climate change aspect the more immediate problem is acidifcation and warming of the sea which has already killed off a quarter of the barrier reef and is having serious effects elsewhere with plankton.

And this is the other point, we have no idea what effects we are having on plankton populations. But then again, why do we need plankton, it isn't like we need to breathe.

Comment Re:Anti-science censorship (Score 1) 656

Most vaccines do not have a 100% efficiency rate. This means that some people who get the vaccine do not actually get immunity from it. Also some folks have compromised immune systems and cannot be given vaccines to begin with. But they are protected by the fact that most people around them are vaccinated, therefore the disease can't spread easily through the population.

Most anti-vaccination people don't understand that they are actually putting other people in danger by not getting their child vaccinated. Also some of the diseases that there are vaccines for still exist, in small pockets of the world whether it is carried by unvaccinated humans or animals.

But the problem with anti-vaccine people is they don't understand these facts. And they also don't understand how terrible some of the diseases we get vaccines for can be.

Questioning a particular vaccine's side effects or ingredients are fine, under the right circumstances. But when a medical professional does this in public or encourages their patients to not get vaccinations, society can begin to suffer. These laws are for the good of society as a whole.

Comment Bigfoot (Score 3, Funny) 173

"They typically dwell just behind rocks, but are also sometimes playful bounding into thick fogs and out of focus areas."

Unfortunately this is on Slashdot for some stupid reason, but that doesn't mean I can't mock the story with a good Futurama reference.

"Bigfoot is a crucial part of the ecosystem, if he exists. So lets all help keep possibly Bigfoot alive for future generations to enjoy, unless he doesn't exist."

Comment Re:more and more and more (Score 1) 225

Something is going to need to be done soon about the space debris issue.

Otherwise more satellites are going to start being taken out which will created more debris, which will take out more satellites...

This issue was first recognized almost 40 years ago and no solutions have been found yet.

Comment Why does this matter? (Score 4, Insightful) 704

The real issue is the fact that DNC tried to stop Bernie with a few underhanded tactics.

The DNC is now trying to redirect the focus everyone to say the Russians did this rather than asking why Bernie didn't get a fair shot or why Hilary was basically given a free pass. I am more worried about why these emails were written in the first place and why the people at the DNC were stupid enough to think their email server couldn't be hacked.

Comment Re:Yep - impersonation (Score 1) 565

Additionally and more importantly why the fuck should the *center for disease control* be funding gun studies? Shouldn't congress make them spend their money on fucking fighting disease, instead of our constitution?

Part of the reason why cars are safer today than 40 years ago is because the CDC did studies examining car safety and provided the results and recommendations to Congress.

Yes, they should be fighting disease as well. But when they request money to prevent and study possible epidemics like Zika and Ebola, Congress takes forever to pass anything (if they do) and normally under funds them.

Comment Re:countersue (Score 1) 571

Actually this is the solution. He needs to counter sue for lost time and wages, and for his lawyer's expenses for these lawsuits and the counter suit one.

I am pretty sure that if these facts are all accurate and true, he could easily get a judgement of about $100,000 in his favor. And he might be able to stop this guy from doing this to other people.

Unfortunately this is the only way that Doug Costello could probably get our legal system to work for him.

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