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Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something... (Score 2) 183

Only limiting it in so far as no company sees any profit motive for risking its own money but plenty of profit motive for risking my money. I think that is what you meant to say.

I often wonder how anybody gets along without the government sending somebody by to shove the food down their mouths and wipe their ass when it comes out the other end when I read such tomfoolery as that.

Comment Re:Do I have this right? (Score 1) 183

Yeah, the term "Frankenfood" was coined because of Roundup and not to invoke irrational fears about the genetic makeup of the tomato somebody might bite into. Riiiiiight!!!

BTW, Roundup is an herbicide. The difference between herbicide and pesticide is similar to the difference between a lion and a vegan.

There are many aspects of GMO crops. Some is to make them Roundup resistant by splicing in genes from other plants that are naturally roundup resistant. Some are to splice in genes from plants that excrete chemicals that repel pests so that farmers can use lower quantities of pesticides. Some are to increase the nutritional value of foods like adding beta-carotene to rice for use in areas where adequate nutrition is not guaranteed. I've not heard of a case of a genetic modification happening to be able to use more pesticide. Why would it? Pesticides don't affect plants.

Comment Do I have this right? (Score 2, Insightful) 183

GMOs are the worst thing to ever be unleashed on the world because it is gene-splicing done by mainly US firms but it is horrible that the US is not engaging in "unnatural" (not sperm and egg) gene-splicing of human DNA?

Or restated as "direct manipulation of non-human DNA is worse than admiring Hitler but direct manipulation of human DNA is the best thing ever."

Comment Re:Why is this stereotype constantly perpetuated (Score 1) 342

It isn't those 5% that define us all to the public. It is Hollywood who defines us to the public. IT guys and programmers are every bit as diverse as any other field but Hollywood doesn't like that story because Jocks do sports and Introverts do computers and Wild-Eyed Hillbillies do guns and fishing. Just like Hollywood says that Blacks and Hispanics are gangbangers and drug dealers and pimps and whores.

Never mind that half the guys I work with (programmers and IT) are avid hunters and fishers and into shooting sports and archery competitions and golfing and such.

Comment Re:Tab users are subhuman (Score 1) 342

The point is that if everyone sets up to save tabs and uses the tab, then everyone can decide for themselves how many spaces a tab represents, at least with a modern IDE like Visual Studio since 2003 or earlier. Unix crap may not be as nice to work with, I haven't cared about vi for decades.

Comment Wait (Score 1) 170

So, they showed that C)2 can be crystallized in a couple of years instead of thousands of years and the best people can come up with is "maybe this is viable"? How about, maybe the belief about it taking millions or hundreds of millions of years to produce oil and coal is just crap because we now have proof that it doesn't?

Comment Re:Look people (Score 2) 271

If talking with the NHTSA aids the NHTSA in an investigation that causes the government to take action against Tesla (a legal action) then the clause would have been an attempt to prohibit that. And just because contracts are inferior to law does not mean that lawyers aren't putting in provisions that violate the law hoping people follow the contract anyway.

Saying that things don't happen because they are against the law is saying that there is no crime because crime is against the law.

Comment Re:What they mean is.. (Score 1) 460

Yes and requiring the specialized (and expensive services) of AAA instead of calling a friend makes so much sense. And carrying home some gas for your lawn mower is a really, really bad idea as well. And don't even think about hauling that 20 lb tank of propane home to do some grilling. Grilling is best left to the experts who bothered to build a properly licensed restaurant.


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