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Comment Re:Ah yes... (Score 2) 43

So, the only financial transactions that any business engages in are securities trades? I guess I need to dig deeper to understand exactly how stock trades get involved in my employer making bi-weekly direct deposits into our (mine and my coworker's) accounts. I'll also ask my brother-in-law what stocks he is using to make payments to the corporation he is a franchisee of and to pay his food suppliers and such.

Or maybe CaptSlaq and H3lldr0p should find some other deceased equines to pummel.

Comment Re: Prepare to be (Score 1) 532

Exactly what is "actual Science" and why is a possibly new propulsion mechanism not part of that? It seems to me that you are going down the road that looks like this: The female medical doctor wants to study something about how ovaries are affected by diet but the male doctors say that such a study is not scientific because it is uninteresting to them because it won't affect them, physically.

Just because you are interested in the scientific disciplines studying viruses or whatever, does not mean that the scientific disciplines studying propulsion mechanisms aren't doing "science."

Comment Re:Prepare to be (Score 1) 532

Clearly, if the book says they are mental disorders then they are mental disorders and nothing you or any other individual says can possibly change that. My reasoning behind my statement... Simple. You stated that the definition of "mental disorder" is that a group of professionals vote on it. Therefore, no other method can determine it.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm missing something... (Score 2) 183

Only limiting it in so far as no company sees any profit motive for risking its own money but plenty of profit motive for risking my money. I think that is what you meant to say.

I often wonder how anybody gets along without the government sending somebody by to shove the food down their mouths and wipe their ass when it comes out the other end when I read such tomfoolery as that.

Comment Re:Do I have this right? (Score 1) 183

Yeah, the term "Frankenfood" was coined because of Roundup and not to invoke irrational fears about the genetic makeup of the tomato somebody might bite into. Riiiiiight!!!

BTW, Roundup is an herbicide. The difference between herbicide and pesticide is similar to the difference between a lion and a vegan.

There are many aspects of GMO crops. Some is to make them Roundup resistant by splicing in genes from other plants that are naturally roundup resistant. Some are to splice in genes from plants that excrete chemicals that repel pests so that farmers can use lower quantities of pesticides. Some are to increase the nutritional value of foods like adding beta-carotene to rice for use in areas where adequate nutrition is not guaranteed. I've not heard of a case of a genetic modification happening to be able to use more pesticide. Why would it? Pesticides don't affect plants.

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