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Comment Color me unimpressed (Score 1) 428

I've seen what hail can do to tempered automotive glass. I've seen how much better asphalt and shake shingles handle that same hail.

But yeah, everybody forgets about all of us not living on a coast. The evidence for that is all the head scratching trying to figure out why Hillary didn't win and why it takes 5 hours to fly from New York to LA.

Comment Re:OK but why bother? (Score 1) 432

Oh, imagine that. Somebody suggested that you might need to start paying your own way in the world. How disgusting, vile and evil of the man.

To hear Europe complain about Trump suggesting that maybe they should actually pay for the services they receive reminds me of all those Millenials that were "feeling the Bern". At some point, kids have to grow up and take care of themselves or start paying mom and dad some rent.

Comment Re:Rule the waves? (Score 1) 432

How about due to the fact that Europe has been neglecting its own defense in favor of being good socialists and all while allowing others to defend them.

Kind of like how the little kids go about their day playing at being grownup while the real grownups spend their days putting food on the table and a roof overhead and keeping the bad guys a way.

Comment Re: Rule the waves? (Score 1) 432

Uh, I'm pretty certain that the US spends more than 2% on the military and we are ridiculed constantly by most of the rest of NATO for spending so much. The only reason the rest of NATO can afford to spend so little is that the US spends so much.

Oh wait. Is Putin a good guy or a bad guy today?

Comment Re:Steve Bannon, not a racist? (Score 1) 805

Easy. the first is is a racist comment promoted by a racist idiot.

The second and third are factual statements promoted by the benevolent Progressive movement.

The fourth is a racist comment promoted by a racist idiot.

The fifth is a factual statement promoted by the benevolent Progressive movement.

The sixth is a racist comment promoted by a racist idiot.

It really isn't that hard to distinguish them. For further clarification, just consult Facebook or Rachel Maddow.

Comment Re:Mr Reneger (Score 1) 173

Well, he didn't agree to the Paris agreements and, technically, neither has the US. The fact that a few people who will most likely be nothing more than private citizens a few months from now agreed to them means nothing. Contrary to popular opinion, Obama is not the King of the USA and cannot make international agreements that have the force of law in the US. US presidents are only allowed to tell such agreement forming committees that they will ask that the Senate agree to turn them into law back home. I'm not even sure Obama even bothered to ask the Senate about some of them.

Comment Re:Trump didn't win (Score 1) 173

Well of course the Founding Fathers didn't want some guy to have to ride down to Alabama on horseback to get the vote count. They expected the guy in Alabama to send it to DC. I find it absolutely hilarious that people actually believe the Electoral College was put into place because they believe that the Founding Fathers didn't understand how to add up numbers brought to them from various states but could only figure out how to have those various states send some number of people and count the number of people. Oh yeah, and completely forgetting that the number of people sent by each state was determined by sending out people to count how many people lived in each state and return to DC with the results.

(Yes, I understand that it wasn't actually DC at the time of the writing of the US Constitution.)

Comment Re:Trump didn't win (Score 1) 173

Uh, have you already forgotten Hillary's awesome little love-in with Putin? You know, where she got all schmaltzy and handed him the the big red button as she was resetting the relationship with him because he wasn't such a bad guy and apologized for the evil Mr. Bush having suggested that Putin might not have the best intentions for the US and world peace?

Yeah, Hillary was a complete enemy to Putin.

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