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Comment Re:Not only Linux (Score 1) 93

I found a compromised website on my companies shared hosting platform (which runs a 2.6 kernel (Debian/oldstable)). But the files where "infected" by a ftp account via proftpd on a machine running a 3.2 kernel (Debian/stable), the login was right on the first try. My guess is malware on the site owners machines stealing ftp logins (which is old news).

Comment Re:Really, Slashdot? (Score 1) 135

"Thanks, I didn't know that."

You didn't know that because it is not true. SSL encrypts everything before anything is send. That is why (before SNI) it is impossible to have multiple certificates for multiple virtualhosts on 1 ip adress: the host that is being queried and has to match a certificate CN isn't known at the time of the SSL handshake.

Comment Re:Why do transit smartcards need to be hard? (Score 1) 96

"But this is a bus. There is an active connection to the central office."

Until the perp. is using a gsm jammer (or you get into an area without coverage). The bus terminal will store the transaction for later validation, but since the perp is using an anonymous or cloned card he has gotten an untracable free ride.

Comment Re:Why do transit smartcards need to be hard? (Score 1) 96

"The reality is that 99.9% of people are honest and will pay what they should regardless of whether the cards are insecure and could be 'hacked'."

People are less honest then you think, most will do stuff they know they shouldn't if they think they will not get caught, even when there is no financial need.

This chipcards and the required tollgates were introduced with a promise to stop fare dodgers. Recent news of the dutch system appears to have the effect of going from 11% to 2%.
The same might have been achived cheaper with more actual people in the public transport actually checking tickets..

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