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Submission + - Commodore USA Releasing Replica Commodore 64 (

kwabbles writes: From the site: "Shipping in an "exact replica" of the original C64 chassis — complete with attractive beige colouring — the PC will be perfect for those who have a soft-spot for 80's computing while packing up-to-date components ... Inside will be a 1.8GHz dual-core Intel Atom D525 CPU backed-up by NVIDIA's Ion 2 chipset and 4GB DDR3. The system will also include 1TB of mechanical storage, a choice of DVD or Blu-ray drives, built-in 802.11n WiFi and a six-in-one card reader." This is supposedly going to be available before the holiday season.

Submission + - Linux 2.6.30 released with filesystem improvements ( 1

kwabbles writes: The 2.6.30 kernel was recently released, with many performance improvements and the addition of new filesystem technologies. From the kernelnewbies site: 'This version adds the log-structured NILFS2 filesystem, a filesystem for object-based storage devices, a caching layer for local caching of NFS data, the RDS protocol which delivers high-performance reliable connections between the servers of a cluster, a distributed networking filesystem (POHMELFS), automatic flushing of files on renames/truncates in ext3, ext4 and btrfs, preliminary support for the 802.11w drafts ... DRM support for the Radeon R6xx/R7xx graphic cards ... several new drivers and many other small improvements.' Also included is the new "Fastboot" which speeds up kernel boot time significantly. Most notably on my machine is the vast improvement in I/O latency with ext3.
Red Hat Software

Submission + - Fedora 10 Released (

kwabbles writes: Fedora 10 was released today, and is available for download. Some of the new features include a more powerful printing interface for the desktop user, faster and cleaner startup, a new recovery tool called 'First Aid Kit', and improved PulseAudio. A list of new features can be found at the Fedora Project site. Fedora 10 can be downloaded here.

Submission + - Why the F.U.D. against OpenGL 3.0? (

kwabbles writes: Very Grumpy Bunny's blog states: "One of the big announcements at this years SIGGRAPH was the release of the OpenGL 3.0 specification. OpenGL is the definitive open-standard Application Interface for graphics in the computing industry, and is supported on hardware platforms ranging from the cellphone sector to the high end gaming console. I've talked about OpenGL quite a bit before on this blog alone, as 12 different previous articles mention the API... So... why the F.U.D.? I think the answer is actually simple, and relates to the reason why DirectX is becoming deprecated. Many vendors, such as EA, Valve Software, and Activision/Blizzard are having to learn OpenGL development. From what I've heard from WiiWare developers, that's also using the OpenGL API."

Submission + - Reliability Study Serves Up Good News For Linux (

kwabbles writes: From the article: "The top Linux distributions Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and Novell SuSE Linux notched the biggest reliability improvements in the latest 2007-2008 survey. Each decreased per server per annum downtime by an average of 75%. The biggest and most unwelcome surprise in the survey was that Windows Server 2003 downtime increased by 25% to nearly 9 hours of per server, per year downtime compared to the results it achieved in Yankee Group's 2006 Global Server Reliability Survey. Windows Server 2003's decreased reliability is attributable to a series of security alerts Microsoft issued in the summer and fall time frame which caused network administrators to take their Windows Server 2003 machines offline for significantly longer periods of time to apply remedial patches. "

Submission + - Hawking's new Theory on the Big Bang (

kwabbles writes: From the article: "In this theory, the early universe can be described by a mathematical object called a wave function and, in a similar way to the light particle, the team proposed two years ago that this means that there was no unique origin to the cosmos: instead the wave function of the universe embraced a multitude of means to develop. This is very counter intuitive: they argued the universe began in just about every way imaginable (and perhaps even some that are not). Out of this profusion of beginnings, like a blend of a God's eye view of every conceivable kind of creation, the vast majority of the baby universes withered away to leave the mature cosmos that we can see today."

Submission + - Microsoft ups Yahoo offer in "friendly" bi (

kwabbles writes: Microsoft finally dangled a higher takeover bid in front of Yahoo Inc. hoping to reach a friendly deal after weeks of saber rattling. Microsoft upped its offer beyond the original value of $44.6 billion, or $31 per share, according to a person familiar with the matter. The specifics of the new offer weren't known by this person, who didn't want to be identified because the negotiations are still confidential.

Submission + - Linux Foundation launches kernel dev roadmap

kwabbles writes: The Linux Weather Forecast was launched today, along with "current conditions" for kernel development, a "short-term forecast" and a "long-term forecast". Now developers and organizations that want to see when certain implementations/fixes are planned can look at this informative and handy site. orecast

Submission + - Linux Kernel (stable) released

kwabbles writes: From the kernel mailing list: "[the -stable team] are announcing the release of the kernel. This release has a few bugfixes so all users of the 2.6.22 series are encouraged to update to it. Especially people with laptops, they will appreciate the power savings in this release."

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