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Comment Re:about the same as my android (Score 2) 587

1$ for every little app doesn't really bother me about the iphone. What bothers me is the proprietary cable (30$oem), proprietary airplay, airprint, all that... I like the phone, but I agree they are falling behind. Next phone I get is not likely to be apple. Walled garden is a double-edged sword, and now the pastures seem greener on the other side..

Comment Perfect example of "do it on a computer" ? (Score 1) 211

I don't see how this patent is special. Just because it's done on a computer shouldn't change anything. I "Slide to Unlock" my laptop cover. If they want to turn this into a design patent, fine (round edges of button, specific font, etc, etc,) , but the core idea is not new, special, or innovative.

Comment It was good while it lasted (Score 1) 732

Merchants should be careful with this. I think it will just give consumers a reason to go somewhere else for the same service/product. I already avoid businesses that have credit card minimums. That said I guess it's time to actually start carrying around cash again, which probably means I'll be more frugal. It's incredibly easy to sign a receipt. If I have to hand over physical bills it will feel like I am spending more.

Comment Put him in your shoes (Score 2) 507

Sounds like he wants to be a big boy. Put him in your shoes with an incredibly challenging and time-sensitive project (real or fake). Then start changing the project requirements every week/day at random. In my experience this is how shitty code gets made (other obvious way is person is inexperienced).. If his code works and looks great and is bug free, maybe you'll learn something, if not, maybe he will..

Comment Re:If there was a Bad at Math Map... (Score 1) 1163

Maybe I've misunderstood something about this economist article, but it says absolutely nothing about surplus vs deficits in the sense most people think about those terms. The first sentence is, "SOME American states receive more in federal spending than they pay in federal taxes; others receive less. ". That is what the article is about. The way you've written this post, it seems you are comparing the actual individual economies to each other.

Comment Enough (Score 1) 143

I don't know why I read these anymore, it just makes me so mad. How do you patent "if (x > threshold) then perform_action()" ???? I know this is a simplification of what has probably been implemented, but this seems to be what facebook is claiming is the patent-worthy invention here... What the fuck USPTO? Go away... Please.. Now...

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