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Comment Change.org petition (Score 1) 281

A petition on change.org pulled in about 100k signatures in 12 hours, each signature sending a notification to Verizon's customer service department. It was authored by a woman named Molly, who also beat up Bank of America with a popular petition a few months ago. Massing consumer outrage like this seems to have at least some impact.
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Submission + - Change.org Invites Developers to Hack for Change ( (techpresident.com)

Brian Purchia writes: "Change.org has just announced that it's going to be throwing a 24-hour-long Hack for Change event, starting at noon on Saturday, June 18th, in the company's headquarters in San Francisco's SOMA district. The goal is to bring together programmers and designers to build apps, both mobile and web, that just might do something to better the world.

Not just app glory and the sense of civic contribution is at stake here; Change.org is laying out $10,000 that will be distributed amongst the three app creators who are judged to have most rocked out on the challenge. Code for America and Mashable are partnering with Change.org to host the event."

Submission + - Can 50 Hackers Help Save the World in One Day? (mashable.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Online activism platform Change.org is hosting a hackathon called Hack for Change, designed to get engineers coding quickly for social good.

Change.org will pick 50 engineers from a list of applicants and throw them into a programming blitz at its San Francisco headquarters. The goal is to get coders, designers and other creative types to start applying their talents to the non-profit and social good sector. While other hackathons have tried to get its talent to think like programmers, Hack for Change is trying to convince programmers to work for social good.

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