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Comment Re:So, no more usb mouse? (Score 1) 314

The fact that it overheats and throttles all the time even though I've had it apart and nothing is obstructing the ventilation. The piss poor battery life. The OS is ok, but overrated. For the amount I paid for it I expected much better. I'll never go that road again. Apple laptops may be pretty but that's all they are.

Comment Problems with this (Score 1) 156

This has already kinda been done using the hydrogen internal combusion engine. Not only will it create water from hydrogen and oxygen, it'll do work at the same time. The problem here is that the hydrogen can't just be plucked out of the atmosphere because it's so light it escapes, so you have to figure out where that's going to come from. You could buy it, but then you're not getting it from air.

Comment Re:It already exists (Score 1) 199

It's a question of rights. If you're recording and you paid to watch it, that's OK. If you're downloading it from the internet there's no way to know if you had the right to a copy in the first place. Believe me, if it were economically viable they'd have gone after you for pirated VHS collection too. The internet just happens to give them the means to start targeting these people.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

Christ, I built a computer out of an old intel 920 with an intel DSOX58 board for about $350 used that outperforms all but the highest end macs. Their hardware is often inferior for what you can get dollar for dollar if you turn your own screws. When you buy mac, you're buying an aluminum shell that houses shit hardware in a custom configuration that is designed to fail.

Weld your computer shut? Are you fucking stupid? Even if the hardware can go the distance, fan bearings fail. Thermal grease dries up and becomes less effective. You absolutely DO need to be able to get in there if you want to deal with things when they happen. And they WILL happen.

Comment Re: Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 1) 142

Torx makes sense if you have very small screws or if you have screws which are heavily torqued on as they would be in some automotive parts. It doesn't make sense for anything else. The generic PC industry at large has been using phillips for decades with no difficulty. Often times it's a phillips screw with a hex head screw so you have two ways to remove it. The only time you encounter torx in larger computer parts is when someone wants to ensure it's that much more difficult to get in to. Everyone has a phillips screwdriver. Not everyone has a torx set handy. Apple isn't doing this because it's inherently better, they're doing it because making it harder for the end user to change anything is how they roll.

Comment Re:Including a Mac Pro tower, right? (Score 4, Insightful) 142

In my experience their quest to make things sleeker means devices are inherently less upgradable, much harder to repair, and far more prone to failure. Ram is often soldered to the board, and in some systems (yes imac, i'm looking at you) you have to do retarded shit (like pull the glass out of the unit) just to replace a drive. Not to mention they go out of their way to use torx screws for everything just for the added /facepalm. Top to bottom, these things are engineered to be more frustrating than they need to be.

While 6 months is a bit of an exaggeration, what isn't is the fact that apple stuff is purposefully engineers their technology to be prone to failure. There are tons of cases of ventilation issues with macs because airflow doesn't seem as important to them as the look of the machine. They'd rather throttle your already anorexic CPU than provide you with appropriate cooling. I don't know why people continue to buy their stuff. Sure a regular boxy pc may not be as attractive, but it'll be a lot cheaper, perform better, be infinitely more upgradable, and can be modified to suit your personal demands. With Apple, you'll pay out the ass for whatever they give you - and fuck you if you don't like it.

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