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Comment Re:Exactly right (Score 1) 257

Instead of telling everyone how stupid they are and how much more experience you have, perhaps you could tell them what they can do to be safer instead of telling them how hopeless it is.

The problem with people like you is that you've become so jaded that you want everyone else to be as downtrodden and angry as you are.

Comment Not new. (Score 1) 324

Bill Nye had a similar idea that involved digging a large hole and raising a large weight with solar energy, then reclaiming it by letting gravity do the work. It's basically the same principle as weight driven clocks.

There's really no innovation here - they've just made the entire thing larger. we've been storing energy like this even before batteries were a thing.

Comment Re:I like how they survey a very small subset... (Score 1) 64

It has to do with the fact that the conclusion being drawn by the math and the reality of the sales figures don't support each other as they should. It's like saying "the videogame industry is dying" after steam releases a report that indicates record profits.

It's astonishing that you're too stupid to understand that.

Comment Re:I like how they survey a very small subset... (Score 0) 64

OK. so why is the conclusion not supported by reality? As the AC points out - online shopping profits are at record highs. If people are leaving in large numbers why is this not hurting online sales?

Instead of being a an ass, back up your assertions with facts, because I sincerely doubt that's what this article is doing. Learn how to think critically.

Comment Re:I like how they survey a very small subset... (Score 1) 64

...and it's got a good chance of being wrong because you can't guarantee that you're not just hitting a cluster of one kind of people. It's like sampling a section of Neapolitan ice cream and getting mostly chocolate, then assuming that it must be 95% chocolate because your sample wasn't very good.

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