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Comment Re:Mac. (Score 1) 385

So what? She can run linux on mac, can't she? I run linux on my macbook, but I still keep macOS and occasionally boot into macOs to update my TOMTOM navi. Or to test whether a particular program runs on Mac, to check the possibility that the reason it does not work me is because I have Slackware. To be fair, I got the macbook from my employer. Otherwise I would buy a ThinkPad or Dell. But many physicists do use macbooks, and it really nice to have a well supported system at hand even for someone who almost always runs Linux.

Comment I had the same question a few weeks ago (Score 2) 74

and I bought Fujitsu mobile notetaker plus. It does not need any special paper. According to forums/internet, it works with linux and there is a project for exporting notes from the pen to computer: It can be used as a mouse as well (so they say). But I did not have time to test this pen neither with Windows (to check if it works at all) nor with linux (which I use exclusively) Maybe this weekend I'll have some time for it. Maybe later. But definitely before Christmas )).

Comment Slackware means simplicity and trust. (Score 1) 183

For me, Slackware means simplicity and trust. You see, Debian, and Arch and Freebsd are probably great. But trusting a "community" sounds a bit odd for me. I can trust a person. I can't trust community, it's too impersonal. After all, it's always a question of trust. And you can't trust something undefined. Hard to explain, but I guess everyone knows this: once you know someone, and you trust him/her - you feel safe.

Endangered Species Condoms 61

The Center for Biological Diversity wants to help put a polar bear in your pants with their endangered species condom campaign. They hope that giving away 100,000 free Endangered Species Condoms across the country will highlight how unsustainable human population growth is driving species to extinction, and instill the sexual prowess of the coquí guajón rock frog, nature's most passionate lover, in the condom users. From the article: "To help people understand the impact of overpopulation on other species, and to give them a chance to take action in their own lives, the Center is distributing free packets of Endangered Species Condoms depicting six separate species: the polar bear, snail darter, spotted owl, American burying beetle, jaguar, and coquí guajón rock frog."
Open Source

Linux Kernel 2.6.32 Released 195

diegocg writes "Linus Torvalds has officially released the version 2.6.32 of the Linux kernel. New features include virtualization memory de-duplication, a rewrite of the writeback code faster and more scalable, many important Btrfs improvements and speedups, ATI R600/R700 3D and KMS support and other graphic improvements, a CFQ low latency mode, tracing improvements including a 'perf timechart' tool that tries to be a better bootchart, soft limits in the memory controller, support for the S+Core architecture, support for Intel Moorestown and its new firmware interface, run-time power management support, and many other improvements and new drivers. See the full changelog for more details."

Comment Hard copy (e.g. 50 $) + free online version (Score 1) 178

What about something like this:

***Network Theory Ltd - publishing free software manuals **

Before buying a hard copy of one of the book they published (GNU Octave Manual) I consulted free online version of the book many times. I understand that your book is not a software manual. But maybe there are other publishers who do it like Network Theory Ltd.

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