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Submission + - Open Source Text Editor $4.99 In The Mac App Store

conner_bw writes: Smultron is a great OS X text editor. Anyone who's used this editor over the years will tell you it was aborted then forked. Left for dead on SourceForge, it has now reappeared in the Mac App Store for $4.99. No changelog, no sourcecode, no new information for old users. Does anyone have the scoop? Is this just a new version number / cash grab, or what? Is this the future of open source on OS X?

Linux Radio 141

An anonymous reader writes "This might very well be the nerdiest site we'll ever encounter... Linux Radio is an online radio station broadcasting the Linux kernel! Each time someone visit the site, a random source file is selected and read loudly by a virtual speaker materialized through the open source speech synthesizer eSpeak. Will it prove useful to anyone is probably a difficult question to answer, but the excitement provided is worth experiencing at least once. However, this concept proves once more the advantages of open source over proprietary software making such achievements impossible : whoever in his right mind would want to listen to binary files loudly?"

Submission + - Fedex Misplaces Radioactive Rods (

Hugh Pickens writes: "Fox News reports that a shipment of radioactive rods used in medical equipment has vanished while being sent by Fedex from North Dakota to Tennessee. Based on tracking information, FedEx is focusing its search in the Tennessee area but as a normal precaution the company alerted all of its stations "in the event that it got waylaid and went to another station by accident." Dr. Marc Siegel says if someone opens the container it could pose some serious health risks. "I don't believe it has the degree of radiation that, if it were opened, your skin would suddenly slop off. But the concern would be, if this got opened inadvertently and someone didn't know what it was and then was repeatedly exposed to it over several days, it could cause a problem with radiation poisoning," say Siegel. "The people that use this equipment in a hospital use protective shielding with it." The lesson is that active medical material must always be transported in a way that ensures that the general public cannot get access to it. "Medical devices should not be FedEx'ed. They should be sent under a special service," adds Siegel."

Comment Re:They did this in the 90s. (Score 1) 243

Actually, you're conflating the history of the GM EV1 and the Toyota RAV4 EV. The GM EV1s were indeed rounded up after their leases ended, and most went to the crusher (although a few ended up being sent to university research labs, and one went to the Smithsonian (where it is no longer on display, for reasons unknown)). The Toyota RAV4 EV, on the other hand, was initially only available as a leased vehicle, but in 2002 Toyota sold around 300 RAV4 EVs to purchasers in California, and those vehicles were sold with no strings attached. Many of the leased RAV4 EVs also ended up in private hands after their leases ended.


Submission + - Libre Graphics Magazine 1.1 out now (

ossington writes: There's a niche within a niche called the Libre Graphics community. That's a niche of people interested in graphical output, within the Free/Libre Open Source Software community.

That niche within a niche is preparing to become somewhat less of a niche and a little better known. Yesterday, Libre Graphics Magazine issue 1.1 came out. Libre Graphics Magazine exists to show just how viable F/LOSS graphics can be. Basically, it's a serious art and design magazine created entirely with F/LOSS, from Scribus to Inkscape to Gedit. We even use Git for version control.

For those interested in finding out a little more about the Libre Graphics community and just what its users are managing to do, Libre Graphics Magazine issue 1.1 is available to download as a PDF ( or to buy in an honest to goodness paper edition (


Submission + - Libre Graphics Magazine 1.1 seeking submissions (

ginger coons writes: "Libre Graphics Magazine, spawned from the Libre Graphics Meeting and its surrounding community, is seeking submissions for its inaugural numbered issue. Anyone using or thinking about Libre Graphics applications, standards and workflows is invited to submit already completed works or proposals for work for inclusion in issue 1.1, to be published in print and online November 8."

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