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Comment Re:No surprise... (Score 1) 196

...aaand it looks like what was needed to convince Intel to bring down their inflated prices was some competitive x86 ship (aka a competitive drop-in replacement product), not ARMed unicorns that would require users to retool part of their software library. Who would have thought that? It makes you wonder what the course of history would have been if all the effort and money companies like Mandriva, Novell and Xandors wasted onto Linux had been put to make a functional clone of MS-DOS, Windows 95 and their APIs. A proprietary fucntional clone sold at half the price. But that's crazy talk, I know...

Comment Re: (Score 1) 202

aannd... still no Direct3D 9 support. One of the reasons I avoid FOSS is those eternal feature requests that languish forever while the developers focus on more "important" stufff (such as porting Wine into Windows, no really). If Wine was a commercial package, this problem would have been addressed one way or another. Just like LibreOffice still doesn't do OOXML perfectly, but WPS Office does. Or just like how PowerDVD supported Bluray discs shortly after they were introduced while no media players does it yet (not even unencrypted ones). Because commercial interest. Because money.

Comment Sad to see 3D TV go. (Score 1) 399

So sad... I actually liked 3D TV. Glad I managed to grab a 2015 Bravia a while ago before they become extinct. At the very least, I can use it to watch the superb 3D photos I take with the LG Optimus 3D (which btw is evolving into a collective piece, can't find one on the internet below 200 dollars in good condition despite being an ultra-low-end Android device).

Comment Re:Why make them faster when most people... (Score 1) 766

" There's no reason why Windows should take tens of minutes after boot before it becomes usable" Windows 7 boots in 1.5 minute or less on my Acer Aspire One (sporting a first-gen Atom N270 and 2GB of RAM) and it also boots in a minute on my HP Compaq NX9420 from 2006 (which has a 32-bit CoreDuo T2500, 3GB of RAM and a harddrive so slow it buffer underruns when burning DVDs, if not recently defragged). My secret? I ditched Avast and other annoying agent-smiths and only use Security Essentials (get real and ditch the malware paranoia, if you haven't messed with windows update settings, you don't need anything more). I defrag every 2-3 months and remove junk from startup (though the last bit only shaves seconds if your PC doesn't contain a ton of software). I am always amused that linuxeros will boast about the performance of GNU/Linux, ignoring that none of them runs any heavyweight antivirus (which used to be a must for WinXP systems and earlier, but not for modern windows). Still not convinced? On the nx9420, my startup time gradually grew to 4 minutes after installing the "lightweight" BitDefender once.

Comment Re:Opera is NOT sane. (Score 1) 766

Another endorsement for Brave from me. My only gripe with Brave is that it doesn't offer tab sync across devices. Of course, none of the "adblocker" browsers do, because they think anybody who wants to block ads is some kind of a privacy nutter. Also, the "force HTTPS everywhere" feature (which brave has enabled by default on every site) breaks facebook and disqus plugins, and you have to disable it manually. Still better than having Chrome running 3 ad scripts in parallel tho on most sites.

Comment Re:Is malware like this proof of economic stagnati (Score 1) 207

Malware nowadays is not written by some script kiddie in his parent's basement. Malware creation is funded by crime rings in third-world countries who employ developers to analyze known exploits and code-hiding techniques, and hence the malware attacks are very sophisticated. This is what I say to various relatives who come and say their computer "is so slow it must have a virus". Modern malware tries to be as stealthy as possible, so slowing down your PC is the last thing they want to do. But that Avast hog you have (instead of a much lighter antivirus) and your never-defragged harddisk does make your computer slower. PS: Does Google ads filter the malicious JS code?

Comment Re: Change the law (Score 0) 1430

If you remove the 3 million or so illegals who voted without showing a citizen ID, then Trump won the popular vote. This is the reason the Electoral College exists. Because the Feds don't control the election process, the states do, so the Electoral College contains the damage that the vote-rigging some states do (such as allowing people to vote without showing a citizen ID) does to election results.

Comment Re:Noted... (Score 1) 122

I never understood the constant whining about "Tivo-ization". The software is FOSS, whether the hardware it is sold with covers your needs is irrelevant. This is why companies (and most individuals) don't care about "free software" and just stick to the letter of the licenses. You can't really win because the rules of the game are constantly being changed by the FSF. Recently they attack Debian for having proprietary drivers *in the repositories* (aka as an optional download not necessary to run the OS). No amount of protests on the part of the FSF will make companies (and most individuals) pursue the asinine task of pleasing the FSF and its crowd. Even Debian Foundation has quit that futile effort. Enjoy your circle-jerk FSF guys and gals, I guess...

Comment Re:you think it won't get worse? (Score 1) 79

To be 100% accurate, Nexus devices are yours. You can load a ROM that is pre-rooted and then do everything you want. Bootloader locks are a side-effect of the way Americans buy their smartphones, which is basically that they do not own them for the first one or two years but instead borrow them from the carrier 'till they pay them off during the course of the contract. So, the device is not yours to tinker with. Even before Android, there were all kinds of locks in the software for the carrier's behest.

Comment Re:mountains of diamonds (Score 4, Interesting) 365

My thoughts exactly. Will the marketers of synthetic diamonds manage to establish them as "diamonds guaranteed to be free of imperfections and cruelty" or will the marketers of mined diamonds manage to establish synthetic diamonds as "not authentic"? BTW, I think the latter group will win. Nobody buys diamonds for the shiny effect (that's what cubic zirconia is for), they buy them to demonstrate they are willing to spend on something expensive but useless. Synthetic diamonds will be just as useless as real ones but -in the future- will fail at the "expensive" bit

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