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Comment Worse than Reddit around here (Score 1) 167

Since no one is going to RTFM, you should know this is the same judge who declared National Security Letters unconstitutional back in March and said the FBI had to stop using them altogether. That decision has, of course, been appealed by the Justice Department and the case is ongoing.

[Judge] Illston, who is stepping down from her post in July, said another reason for her decision is her desire not to interfere while the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is reviewing the constitutionality of NSLs in an unrelated case that she also oversaw.

Comment Re:This is Slashdot . . . (Score 1) 400

There has been two truly serious (someone gets hurt) accidents in the 60-year history of nuclear power: Chernobyl and Fukushima.

Um, no: Nuclear and radiation accidents

  • - 5 power plant accidents where someone was killed
  • - 11 radiation accidents where someone was killed
  • - Also worth noting: 19 power plant accidents with >US$100MM in property damage

Comment Re:They won't have the guts to do it right (Score 1) 114

Thanks for the response, but if you'd glanced for a moment at the article to which I linked, you could've save yourself the misplaced effort at internet pedantry:

But the Times wasn't on WikiLeaks' list of original recipients. The newspaper got its hands on the trove of about 250,000 cables thanks to the Guardian newspaper of Great Britain, which quietly passed the Times the raw material that it had received as one of five news organizations favored by WikiLeaks.

Comment Search results that don't include search terms (Score 2, Informative) 62

Seems like Google changed something for the worse in the last 6-12 months or so. My searches now seem to produce an increasing number of results that don't actually include the terms I specified. Presumably it's to drive a BS metric that shows Google yields more hits for a given search than their competitors. It's extremely frustrating--This second-guessing of the user's query was one of the biggest reasons I stopped using AltaVista, Yahoo, or whatever the hell other engines used to be out there before Google came to dominate. Anybody else seeing this?

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