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Comment In Soviet Italy... (Score 1) 374

which is actually a 65 years old free market economy with constitutional rights for what concerns free speech, the crime of blasphemy is punished with up to three years of jail. Those chicks in Russia got two years. And they did not even get beaten by the police in the process. I would imagine if something like this happened in Italy, there would have been real RIOTS from christians and religious leaders asking for death penalty. Reality is, public opinion is angered just because this happened in Russia (which is of course far from being a free country but is neither the source of all evil like the "free press" of western world is depicting it)

Comment Re:We love United States (Score 1) 488

i know. but your government definitely does. this is the main reason antiamericanism has bloomed worldwide. to support this, normally you do not see people burning indian flag worldwide. not that i justify it but i can understand that not everyone is able to get over 60 years of external pressure on latinoamerican countries to prevent socialism for instance

Comment Re:Going to take an unpopular position. (Score 1) 488

Everything fine except that any power body, when it's able to maintain classified information abuses of this power. This is the main reason we need a watchdog to make sure that these secrets do not violate any constitutional principle. Also, quoting Eric Schmidt, "if one has to keep something secret, he should not have done it in the first place". This of course does not apply to me screwing my girlfriend's ass with a giant dildo because it does not violate any constitutional principle, but it certainly applies to a government trying to restrict freedom of speech

Comment there's no 100% sure way to avoid RSI (Score 1) 262

There's no 100% way to make sure you're not getting RSI so you have to make sure to change position every once in a while If you want to limit chances you are going to get RSI or something like that just take care to follow these simple rules: 1. Don't stay more than 2 hours in a row in front of your workstation. If you don't have to piss then just stand up, make two steps and sit down again 2. Every half an hour try to follow the line of your office' roof with your eyes. This obliges you to move a bunch of muscles at the same time, eyes, neck, jaw, et cetera 3. Have a mandatory break every maximum 4 hours. Don't lunch while working at your workstation. 4. Make simple exercises with your arms every once in a while so you don't get stuck in the same position. Make your hands turn in circles palm open until you hear horrible noises from your junctions :D 5. Force your employer to make sure that: - light exposition comes from your left or right, not from above you. This reduces the need to make movements with the neck to read the monitor - your chair has arm support - you have a stand for your feet so they make a 100-120 angle compared to your legs I took part of this from the italian law for safety of computer operators and i must say that it actually works. I'm working as developer since 2004 and i still don't have any back/neck relevant pain

Comment there's a noble third way (Score 1) 1086

Find a mathematician to do the dirty job (writing the required algorithm), have him/her explain it to you and claim you did it by yourself searching on Google. So you will get "both the money AND the yayo" and you will see the angered faces of engineers whit tons of qualifications but not a clue about how you managed to do it so quickly

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