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Comment Couldn't the compiler... (Score 1) 359

ultimately benefit from being 64 bit as it allows for things like better vectorized string comparisons? I mean if anything it'd be a measurable improvement in speed. You get more GPRs and larger/wider vector registers. And it wouldn't shock me if a templated piece of c++ managed to make the compiler, optimizer, preprocessor and linker manage to consume a fair bit of that 32 bit address space for a given single compile process.

Comment Re: Here's a solution... (Score 1) 251

Nonredundant power supplies I'd agree is kind of a showstopper, but honestly the other two things you mentioned wouldn't have been relevant then or today. Architecture doesn't much matter for a server app built on Posix APIs that isn't FLOPs critical or GPU dependent. And software raid really hasn't been a hamper to performance or reliability since 2001 or so.

I do believe that they made Intel xserves toward the end of the lifespan of the product.

Comment Re: CPU not compatible (Score 1) 187

That is a somewhat harsh requirement but probably a commendable one. I guess this also means ASLR may be turned on by default for their binaries. The stack protection is probably well worth the performance hit. It also means though that the a third party little utility I wrote to inspect values at specified memory addresses for a certain game will probably no longer work once it's recompiled.

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