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Comment Re:Value (Score 1) 253

I'm not the OP either but I'll also respond. I enjoyed GW1 and still play GW2, both very casually.
1. Yeah, that's marketing. I miss some aspects of GW1 (like the dual profession system and more flexible skill system), but like some aspects of GW2, mostly technical (mostly non-instanced, the z-axis, the event system, the crafting system, unlocking weapon skills as you use the weapon, etc.)
2. Also don't forget traits, which further customize your character. But he's right that your character won't be as unique as he could have been in GW1 (mostly I think because of the skill collection system in GW1).
3. Yeah, that was weird. Didn't bother me at all, though.
4. I agree on the story, but still force myself to sit through new cutscenes.
5. I've never really felt like I was grinding (I play PvE). If I wasn't enjoying something, I'd go on to something else. But I'm also the type to hang around and listen to the NPCs talk and enjoy the setup and resolution of their dynamic events. A lot of it is mundane, but there are some gems there once in a while. And you can't directly spend real money on better gear, but you can spend real money on in-game currency and use that at the Trading House (items put up for sale by players) to buy better gear. Then there are some convenience and cosmetic items in the real-money store; the only one that helps you get more powerful would be the temporary XP boosters. Doesn't bother me.

One of the things I love is that my friends or my kids can get online with a new character and I can join them up wherever they are with my highest level character and still have fun playing with them.


Submission + - ArenaNet Suspends Digital Sales of Guild Wars 2 (ign.com)

kungfugleek writes: Throughout the launch of subscription-free MMO Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet has stated that the player-experience is their top priority and, if necessary, they would suspend digital sales to protect their servers from crushing loads. While the launch has been considerably more stable than most big-budget MMO's in recent months, some players, especially those in Europe, have experienced trouble logging in and getting booted from servers. So yesterday, ArenaNet held true to their word, and temporarily suspended digital sales from their website. Personally, I think this is an incredible show of customer-centered focus. To turn down purchases, especially first-party purchases, where the seller gets a higher percentage of the sale, during a major title's first week of sales, would be inconceivable by other companies. Is this a bad move for ArenaNet? Will there be enough of a long-term payout to make up for the lost sales? And does this put pressure on other major studios to follow suit in the face of overwhelming customer response?

Comment Re:shadow boxing didn't annoy them? (Score 1) 128

The voice acted dialog is very stiff and cheesy for the most part, again the actors don't seem to be talking to each other - they instead are talking to a fixed point in the distance. Gee, just like combat.

Can't disagree, but notice that every cutscene in every beta so far had the big "Work In Progress" stamp in the corner. It's a safe bet they'll tighten it up by 8/28.

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