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Comment Re:I've always wanted (Score 0) 551

does your 12 yo dslr fit in your pocket ? do you always have it with you ? how long does it take to get the settings right and focus ? how long to switch from one setting to another ? and the only way your dslr is better resolution is if it's film, how long does it take to get you photos back ? how much does the film and the development cost ? i have 1200 photos on my camera, how many can you take on your dslr without carrying a suitcase full of film ? why do you still think it takes better photos ?

Comment Re:Can you patent speech? (Score 1) 102

"Speech" has been copyrighted for centuries. Any book, play, movie, or song published in the last couple centuries. How is software code any different ? If the FBI was to say that J.K Rowling must write a volume of the Harry Potter series in which IS/ISIS/ISIL/Daesh is thrashed by a bunch of teenage wizards because it would improve national security, how would that go over ? What if the NSA was to say all movies from Hollywood must reflect a theme of the superiority of the USA ? Forcing speech, of any type is so over the top unconstitutional that even the fifth circuit federal appellate court would laugh it out of chambers.

Comment And now for the real story (Score 0) 266

Having worked in pharmaceutical development for over 20 years, I can tell you this is VERY scary for your healthcare. The reason these "minor tweak" drugs are developed, is because they are, in some way, better than the original. In this case, the new formulation is a longer acting pill. This is a big deal for Alzheimer patients. One of the major hurdles for neurodegenerative diseases is dosing compliance. If you forget to take the pill, it doesn't work. If there are fewer pills to take, the chances of forgetting diminish, or a once-a-day aide can assist in medication. This ruling tells drug companies that investing in innovation to improve a drug is not worth the money. As to the continued production of the old drug, you can be assured that the originating company would not pass up the money from licensing the production and sale to another company. The plan probably involved dropping the older version of the drug for a time to build a market for the new drug, then introduce the old drug under a new manufacturer.

Comment I've seen many support techs try to make the jump (Score 1) 133

I worked as a programmer for a medium sized help desk and saw dozens of tech support drones trying to make the leap from desktop support or system admin to programmer. The most successful did it piecemeal. A few would come to me and ask for minor admin privileges in the help desk software, and I would allow them to make changes to the development environment. The good ones would get recognized and rewarded with training and admin privileges. A couple ended up replacing me as I retired. It's a path I would recommend, as it has the advantage of keeping you employed while trying to make the jump. Pay attention to the previous comments about keeping the girlfriend happy. If you become a burden or even less contributing, it will hurt your relationship.

Comment Re:Cancer isn't one disease (Score 1) 366

Uh, I'm pretty sure no cancer researcher in the world is giving up on curing ALL cancers if they can. I mean, you automaticaly win the nobel prize for sure, get assured to be put on a stamp, and free drinks for the rest of your life if you "cure cancer." If you cure "just" one subtype of cancer, you probably get tenure or plenty of grant money, but you probably won't get automatically laid by saying "I'm the guy who cured multiple myeloma!" in a bar.

THIS is absolutely why I went into medicinal chemistry and worked on pancreatic cancer !!!!

Comment I actually own the book (Score 1) 193

The book that this app is based on (Modernist Cuisine at Home, the ~15lb book, not the 50lb reference) is actually a great book for the home cook. It has a great deal of information on technique that defies the traditionalist view of how to cook just about anything. While $80 is still a ridiculous price for an app, the book is a reference for any one who is a serious home cook.

Comment Nothing new here..... (Score 1) 226

I graduated in '91 studying molecular beams. There was so little work in the field then, that I went into peptide chemistry. Nothing has changed, and I doubt anything will in the future. More people want to study high energy physics than can be supported in the field. Nothing new. Nothing to see here, move along......

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