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Comment Re:Same with the Prius (Score 2) 208

Please stop propagating lies.

It is not the same with the Prius. At least not as far as energy consumption is concerned.

In case of a car the energy consumption in manufacturing is on average an order of magnitude smaller than the energy consumption during its use. We are talking 10% of total consumption vs more than 80%. You can refer to page 10 of these notes (pdf) to see the figures for an average family car.

In case of assessing energy impact of various stages of product manufacturing common sense will never help you. You just have to do the calculations.

Comment Re:wow (Score 2) 380

Sadly, dd-wrt doesn't support ipv6 out-of-the-box. And this is the only way in which I dare use it on my network equipment. After a careful look around, it looks like Apple ships the best wireless routers (working ipv6, super-easy linking routers via wireless or Ethernet to extend their range)...

Comment Re:The real results of the experiment (Score 1) 586

This reminds me of an old joke about Russian scientists. Here it goes:

Russian scientists decided to do an experiment on a fly. They put it on a table and asked it to walk. The fly walked as expected. Then they cut off one of its legs and asked to walk again. The fly walked, but obviously a little but more slowly. They repeated the procedure, and when the fly had half of its legs cut off it was only crawling on the table. When they removed all of its legs, it stopped reacting to calls to walk. They wrote down their conclusion: fly lost its hearing upon having all the legs removed.

Comment Re:Problem (Score 1) 639

Well, this is simply because Apple develops the kernel, desktop environment and many, many applications for OS X.

What else than "do not care. don't have to. I'm system programmer." can a system programmer say? It's a consequence of the development model of Linux and its distributions. High modularity doesn't pay off when there is nobody coordinating the whole thing...

Comment Re:I'll Be Damned (Score 1) 504

Well, not really. Phone calls are not obligatory packets that have to be send for the communication network to function, so they certainly create the need for more computational power. Case study: emergency, New Year's Eve - remember your mobile operator's performance then? So the more phone calls are made, the more the operator has to pay for maintaining the network (more hardware).

And although text messages are zero cost for the operator, they need to charge for their services in order to cover permanent costs such as hardware upgrades, data centers maintenance, infrastructure improvements, commercials, customer service etc.

Shifting the coverage of these costs only to phone call charges would be... weird?

Comment Re:It's been done (Score 1) 53

Because we exactly understand the way in which they work (less the extreme cases of unproven yet used mathematical theorems) and easily modify them to meat our other needs. Relying on much autonomous beings such as dogs is riskier and harder in the long run.

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