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Submission + - `Terminator` robots that can self-heal (

kulnor writes: "Researchers in Spain have discovered the first self-healing polymer that spontaneously and independently repairs itself without any intervention. The new material could be used to improve the security and lifetime of plastic parts in everyday products such as electrical components, cars and even houses. The researchers have dubbed the material a "Terminator" polymer in tribute to the shape-shifting, molten T-100 terminator robot from the 'Terminator 2' film."

Submission + - US$100K Microsoft bug-bounty (

kulnor writes: I bet this one has already been claimed....
"Microsoft is breaking its long-standing tradition of not paying for security vulnerabilities by offering a $100,000 cash prize for the first penetration tester to crack Windows 8.1 and a $50,000 bonus to explain how they did it. "At this year's Black Hat USA conference – held at the end of July in the sweaty hell that is Las Vegas at that time of year – Microsoft will offer $100,000 (and a laptop) to the hacker who can demonstrate a critical vulnerability in Windows 8.1, either at the conference or afterwards."

Submission + - Wanna be the next Dr. Who Executive Producer? (

kulnor writes: You have until Apr 14th to apply for the job....
"We are looking for someone with extensive experience in producing complex action packed drama which appeals to the broad BBC One audience, who will help develop, communicate and implement the creative vision for our show. As Executive Producer you will be responsible to the Head of Drama, Wales, for the editorial, production and financial management of Doctor Who. The successful candidate will therefore have extensive production experience in popular and complex primetime television series and be confident in leading and inspiring a team to create their best work. Working closely with our Lead Writer you will consistently deliver fresh, original, high quality and high profile episodes of Doctor Who to BBC One."


Submission + - Quantum chip breakthrough to unleash 'ultra-fast' computing (

kulnor writes: While announcements around quantum computers pop every couple of weeks claiming to be one step closer, this one seem to be quite significant:
"Scientists have built a new quantum chip that will enable the creation of completely secure mobile phones and ultra-fast computers with capabilities far beyond today’s devices. The international research team behind the breakthrough, who are based at the University of Bristol, will detail the development at the British Science Festival in Aberdeen this week."

Comment Re:*cough* Megaupload *cough* (Score 5, Informative) 386

Read this article and you'll know why government, private companies, and individuals may not want their data in the "cloud", particularly when you know half of the Internet traffic likely transits through US soil: The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

Submission + - Hexagon declassified. ( 1

kulnor writes: Hexagon, a cold war secret project around spy satellites to monitor USSR was declassified last Septembre. "For more than a decade they toiled in the strange, boxy-looking building on the hill above the municipal airport, the building with no windows (except in the cafeteria), the building filled with secrets.They wore protective white jumpsuits, and had to walk through air-shower chambers before entering the sanitized "cleanroom" where the equipment was stored. They spoke in code."

As more and more WWII and cold war secrets are declassified, we learn about amazing technological feats involving hundreds of people working in secrecy. I was awestruck a while ago by the Bletchley Park story around cryptography (, including Alan Turing's involvement. I wonder what will emerge in a few decades around modern IT, the Internet, hacks, and the likes. Or will they leak before their time?

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