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Comment Re:More languages = more fun (Score 1) 674

Good to see the Russians are using there own words. Unlike Germans who just use the English word. The sad thing is, it doesn't only affect geek speek. Even if you don't speak german, you can almost read any newspaper article.
In television you don't watch the "Nachrichten" anymore. It has completely changed to "news". (except for the Tagesschau).
During the news, they almost always use "location", "meeting", "vote", "live",... instead of the german words.
And don't get me started on advertisement!

Comment Re:3.5 fluent... (Score 1) 674

If there is no one to speak to, you can at least train your reading and writing skills. Read a book or even better: join an irc channel using the language you want to train. That way you can talk to people about projects and stuff you like. Every major project has multiple irc channels.just add -es, -de, -tld to the channel name.

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