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Comment Re:Credit (Score 1) 307

So lying to parliament to get legislation passed is minor in your opinion? Why bother having parliament if they don't need to know the full costs and details of the legislation they are supposed to support. Should they just say "Yes sir we'll rubber stamp that legislation right quick for you sir!" I thought the previous Liberal governments were scum but Harper has taken every dirty trick they came up with and gone one step farther. He has complete and utter contempt for the system and everyone that refuses to tow his line. Anyone gets caught doing his dirty work they get thrown under the bus with a scream of "its really the Liberal's fault."

And yes every party, with the exception of maybe the Bloc, were itching for an election. It was all a matter of how they could do so while being able to blame their primary target.

Oh and Harper has been running election ads since 2008. Well its really a smear campaign but that's really semantics.

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