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Submission + - State laws target used CD sales

NetDanzr writes: According to this article in PC World, at least four US states have passed or are considering legislation that would curb the resale of used CDs. In Florida, for example, a store that wishes to sell used CDs must post a $10,000 bond, fingerprint CD sellers, hold onto the CDs for 30 days and only offer store credit (no cash) for CDs. While these rules are in line with existing pawnshop laws, they haven't been applied to used records and book stores previously. Used video and video game resellers have gotten a break, though: they'll have to hold onto the merchandise for only 15 days.

Submission + - DigiDesk multi monitor workstation from Microsoft

John Pope writes: "If you're a maniac at least a little you must have dreamed sometimes about a cool workstation, with big LCD screen, two of them at least and a cool operating system that allows natural interaction, without interfering with your other tasks like drinking coffee or eating pizza, and keeps working while you don't. Microsoft apparently shares the same vision and introduced the Center for Information Work (CIW), the giant's vision for productivity software.

DigiDesk is essentially a multi monitor workstation, with touchscreen capabilities, that allow user interaction both ways (you tell your PC what to do with your fingers and it show you the result on the same screen). You can flick documents, move them around, scan papers by putting them on the desk. The demo below is pretty impressive and gives a good notion of what DigiDesk might do for you in the future.

I think this is one of the coolest things Microsoft ever came up with, and has that WoW that Vista misses so much. Unfortunately we can't predict if and when DigiDesk will be available and how much of your internal organs you should sell to afford one."

Feed Nissan's Intelligent Transportation System adds pedestrian avoidance (

Filed under: Cellphones, GPS, Transportation

Although Nissan's anti-drunk driving technology should keep the worst of the unaware from actually cruising down the freeway, certain distractions that we just wouldn't do without could indeed lead to a pedestrian-related crash. Thankfully for us, Nissan is on the lookout, as its Intelligent Transportation System is now getting an additional feature before it's even released. Aside from helping you avoid congestion and emit less fumes, the ITS will now be able to communicate with handsets via 3G networks and GPS in order to alert drivers of upcoming individuals. Of course, we have to assume that only humans within a reasonable line of danger will appear on screen, but Nissan claims that this technology will decrease the amount of car vs. pedestrian mishaps and "reduce road accidents particularly in a blind-spot situation." The automaker is currently collaborating with NTT DoCoMo and researching "what types of pedestrian data are most relevant to help prevent accidents," but unfortunately, the launch date for all of this in-car madness is still a good ways out.

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Feed Canadian seal hunters trapped in ice (

100-boat ice jam delays cull

Canada's annual seal hunt yesterday suffered an unscheduled delay as 100 small boats bearing hunters were trapped by thick ice off the northeast coast of Newfoundland, Reuters reports.

Operating Systems

Michael Dell Using Ubuntu Linux At Home 236

whoever57 sends us a link from the Dell site noting that Michael Dell is using Ubuntu Linux at home (7.04, Feisty Fawn) on a Precision M90 laptop loaded with and Evolution. If one were betting on which distro Dell will eventually ship pre-installed, this factoid might be food for thought. Oh, and Micheal Dell's gaming system uses XP Media Center edition.

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