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Comment That wasn't the real finale (Score 1) 955

I don't event think that was the real finale. If one thing really defined the show this season, it was the ever present and really fucking obnoxious big red "V" that kept showing up in all the wrong places, like over subtitles, etc. Clearly, this could not have been a real episode, since there was no "V" intrusion.

Submission + - An inside look at intellectual property theft (

coondoggie writes: Measuring the exact cost of intellectual property theft is difficult, even for the government entities assigned to measure such activities. There are a few facts though: China dominates the counterfeit world; digital reproduction technology is making counterfeit movies and music recordings commonplace and the counterfeit industry hurts the overall US economy. Those are but a few of the results of a look by the US Government Accountability Office at what the theft of intellectual property means to the US. Critics have long said the US needs to do something to put a crimp in the over $200 billion counterfeit and pirated goods industry with better enforcement and increased penalties for violations.

Comment Bye Bye New York Pizza (Score 1) 794

Luckily, New York's economy isn't largely dependent on places like pizzerias.

* 2 tablespoons sugar

* 1 tablespoon kosher salt*

* 1 tablespoon pure olive oil

* 3/4 cup warm water

* 2 cups bread flour (for bread machines)

* 1 teaspoon instant yeast

* 2 teaspoons olive oil

* Olive oil, for the pizza crust

* Flour, for dusting the pizza peel

Comment Microsoft is a big violator of ACTA (Score 1) 307

I keep lots of pirated stuff in my Hotmail account. I am sure that everyone else does also. Can we complain that Microsoft is HOSTING this pirated information and other intellectual property? Three strikes and they are offline permanently right? Secondly, a bunch of the spam that I received has stolen logos from various pharmaceutical companies, watch-makers, banks, software companies, etc. Is hosting these jpgs of corporate logos and apparent IP infringing emails a crime? If so, that is strike 2 for Microsoft (hotmail at least). Ooooh, look, Bing just transmitted links to lots of pirated stuff. I demand that Microsoft be disconnected from the internet at once. Where do I file take down notices?

Comment Re:A clean uninstaller? wow! (Score 5, Funny) 260

Ubuntu does not equal Linux. Come on man! You probably have to wait for it to be packaged upstream. Besides, a DLL is a LIBRARY file. You should be looking for lib-arucer or something similar like waffles, or whatever the developer felt like naming it. If that doesn't work, try x-arucer, or switch to Gentoo. I am sure they can get it.

PS- Wine might run it, but you will probably need a patch. Try Cedega or Play-On-Linux, or qemu or dosbox.

Comment Dell installed crapware on an Ubuntu system (Score 2, Informative) 583

My Dell Mini 10v came preinstalled with Dell crapware including the yahoo toolbar for use inside of Firefox. Firefox includes a search bar with Yahoo as an optional search provider. Simply chaning the default search on their config would have been fine and gotten them cash from Yahoo, but NOOOOO, they installed the whole toobar. On a netbook, an additional toolbar is pretty irritating. I wiped the whole system and installed a clean Ubuntu Netbook Remix on it. Now I am happy again.

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