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Comment Certainly! (Score 1) 381

I've read the 3 initial volumes, and they remain a useful reference. I don't need to look there often, but when I do, TAOCP is the best reference I own.

I don't pretend to have read every word, of course. Some of the stuff on random numbers is only of mild interest, I don't really care about tape sorting, etc. I've skimmed nearly all of it, and read maybe 1/4 to 1/3 of the text in detail.

I've not yet ventured into Volume 4, although I think I'll want to do that sometime reasonably soon.

Comment Re:32% would vote clinton (Score 1) 993

It's not so much about idiocy, although that's part of it. It's the idea of having a petulant, thin-skinned, emotional 3-year-old with a severe case of megalomania controlling the US nuclear arsenal. I'll take anyone over that, even if it were a combination of Buchanan, Grant, and Harding at their worst. And I don't think Clinton is anywhere near that bad. (Many of the accusations against her are just plain ridiculous.)

Comment iPod/Pad/laptop (Score 1) 316

Music is all or nothing for me, I don't care to listen to it as background music. If I want to put everything else down and listen, these days it will be off an iPad/iPad or the laptop, lossless audio files.

I sold the turntable and associated playback equipment a couple years back; the speakers needed $$$ rework and I didn't want to put the money into it.

Comment Re:This sounds like a problem only for slackers. (Score 1) 165

HAHAHA! Boy do you have a lot to learn.

Sure, you might be fine as long as the chosen measurement happens to also measure how you do your job. Unless your job is mechanical and unthinking, that's unlikely to be the case -- it's HARD to measure productivity. 99.9999999% of organizations will choose to measure something more concrete in hopes that it will be a reasonable proxy for productivity. It won't be.

Comment Nothing to see here... (Score 4, Insightful) 165

Sounds like a regurgitation of Taylorism and time-and-motion studies, for the digital worker. Will people never learn? You get what you measure, and if you aren't extremely careful, you'll cause dysfunction because the measurement goal isn't aligned with the organizational goal. (It always looks like it should be, but it rarely is.)

In any case there's nothing new here, just another well-meaning nitwit looking for the magic bullet.

Comment Re:2012 15" macbook pro retina (Score 1) 237

+1 to this. You can dual boot or not, as you please. Any of the recent macbook air's or pro's should work great, with the possible exception of the very latest Macbook (the one with nothing but a USB-C connector) -- and the only reason I except that one is that I don't know for certain that it won't have some weird issue. It would probably work.

Comment Morrison Bridge (Score 5, Informative) 183

Even if we assume that they have magically found a way to get and recycle the plastic garbage in a few bazillion cubic meters of ocean, they'll still have to do better with the end result than experiments so far. The Morrison Bridge in Portland OR has a skid resistant polymer deck that is already coming apart after just a couple years. I wouldn't write this idea off a priori but there major problems to overcome.

Comment Re:Too Slowly? (Score 1) 253

A throttle is of no use when the engines can't respond to it. The engines (3 out of 4) initially did not respond to the pull-back from takeoff power at around 1500 feet. The pilot then pulled back to flight idle, and the engines dropped to flight idle. Unfortunately they then did not respond to the throttle back up, and remained stuck at flight idle. You can't keep a plane in the air with 3 out of 4 engines at idle for very long at 1500 feet. (You also can't fly a plane very well with the engines stuck at TO power, they aren't going to last all that long and it's a bit hard to land that way.)

The engine controllers are called FADEC (Full Authority Digital Engine Control) for a reason. Controlling a modern turbofan or turboprop engine isn't like squirting gas into great-granddad's Hudson flathead, it's just a little more complicated and it takes a dedicated controller to keep the engine running optimally.

I don't know what "missing files" exactly means in this instance, but I bet the controller software gets updated to include a validation check on the calibration tables.

Comment Re:I've done this far too many times (Score 1) 233

In addition to those excellent suggestions, remember that grep is your friend. Nifty code indexers are all well and good, and might even be all you need if *everything* is c/c++/headers. I find that the larger the code base, the less likely that that's true. Write yourself some grep wrappers if the relevant files are spread around in some awkward manner.

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