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Comment Re:Why keep funding any of it? (Score 2) 44

As a long time Android user who has just recently moved to jolla, I suggest giving it a go. I've only been on it a few weeks and already I can't imagine myself going back to Android as my primary device. Use what works for you. I'm really enjoying my Jolla.

On a similar note, how much market share do they need to be successful? What is success?

Comment Re:Fuel cell - storage device or generator? (Score 1) 379

In my limited understanding, I believe it's both. A fuel cell is a device that converts the chemical energy from a fuel into electricity through a chemical reaction with oxygen or another oxidizing agent. Therefore if there is fuel in it, it's generating electricity. If the fuel is sitting in a tank beside it, it's storage... I think my interpretation is a somewhat liberal interpretation of those ideas. And I don't know what what maintenance is required. Eg Is it bad to leave it dry for long periods of time? Is it bad to leave it full when idle for long periods of time? But back to my point, potentially you could use it in both ways.

I'm curious to hear the opinions of someone who knows more on the topic than me.

Comment There are many uses for this (Score 2) 51

Though its broad practicality is questioned outside artistic creations,

This absolutely could be used in all sorts of scenarios. In the most direct sense, it could be used to form wireframes for which other methods build on top of. It could even do traditional 3D printing without any change in equipment.

Every limitation that I can think of or have seen written here can easily be solved. This is a good idea.


Submission + - Using Windows 95 to browse a modern internet (funnyhacks.com)

ksandom writes: "The goal was simple. Make a post to facebook using Windows 95 in a virtual machine and using only software on the box, or software acquired from the Internet using software on the box. Sounds like a 5 minute task, right?

I've included a time-line to help you find the key moments in the video. But what I find really interesting when watching the video again is to watch our process for solving the problem, the tangents we explored, and the fact that the challenge put up much more of a fight than I expected."

Comment Re:why? (Score 1) 311

I don't think that's right. Serial via technologies like ILO kick in as early as the BIOS. Ie a long time before the kernel starts, let alone getty. I'm pretty sure it does this via the graphics card (since it's taking text at that time anyway), but certainly not getty (which is great for separate serial connections once the computer has booted).

Comment Thrilled scientists (Score 1) 70

"The scientists who invented the robot say they are thrilled that it worked out how to use two tampons to escape a flooding room, but disappointed that it did not foresee Johhny 5's jealousy that ultimately lead to its destruction."

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