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Comment Actually, I think they did it.. (Score 1) 280

Napster does offer the service you are describing. They've been offering it for a couple years now. I have a subscription myself. It's $10/month and I love it. I've shared it with friends who also love it. I can't use it on my work PC (Linux), but I still keep it because A) I have three other computers that can use it, and B) if I MUST listen to it while working, I can download tracks from any of those computers to up to 5 portable devices that support playsForSure. Almost all the music I have looked for is on there and most of it is included with the monthly subscription.

Once in a while you run into a stubborn label that wants you to pay for their music. It's probably only 5% of albums, so unless it's an album I'm dying to listen to, I just find something else. If I -am- dying to listen to it, I'll just buy the CD.

Napster -- in its current form -- is the only reason I haven't got a Zune (or an iPod, for that matter). And a lot of labels are on board. More than you may think. Not to sound like a salesman, but I am pretty sure they have a free trial, if you have a windows box.

Feed Engadget: Commodore unveils Gravel C200 media player (

Filed under: Portable Audio, Portable Video

Commodore, a company which had long been considered dead and gone, continues to mount its inexplicable return to the spotlight with its latest offering, the Gravel C200 media player. As excited as we are that the C64-makers are back on the scene, it's hard to get too excited about this media-player, which is about as rote as you can get. The HTC Touch look-alike rocks a 1.8-inch color screen, comes in 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB storage varieties, and plays back all sorts of file formats like MP3, WAV, WMA, MPEG 2, MPEG 4, DivX, XviD, and WMV. Although the form-factor is nice and utilitarian, Commodore is going to have to do something really special to entice a purchase out of us... like, maybe add C64 emulation?

[Via Tech Digest]

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Submission + - Homeland Security Commissions LED-based Puke-Saber (

E++99 writes: "Homeland Security has contracted with Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc. to develop an "LED Incapacitator," a nonlethal weapon consisting of a large flashlight with a cluster of LEDs capable of emitting "super-bright pulses of light at rapidly changing wavelengths." Sounds innocuous enough... until they they shine "the evil color" at you and you start puking! A working prototype has been completed, and they will soon be putting it through its paces. Homeland Security hopes to give it to Border Patrol agents and National Guardsmen by 2010."
The Almighty Buck

Submission + - THE CLEVER GIVER (

REV.CARL RAY MARSHALL writes: "HUNDRED MILLION DOLLAR IDEAS COME in various forms. The lotto blockbuster fiction online bestseller The Clever Giver by Solomon Johnson is not the exception but the rule! This book is the most awesome voice and vision of lotto benevolence since the creation of the casino or the poker game. Have you ever played poker with Destiny and Altruism? What a dynamic and unpredictable combination. Solomon Johnson's work has gone SuperNova on the net. Everyone has to read this story about a preacher who gives away winning Lotto tickets to strangers anonymously and to non-profit organizations across the Nation."

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