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Comment Re:Right, but... (Score 1) 145

That is why all it takes to make the PS3 capable of 3D is a software upgrade.

Actually, the current PS3 will not be certified as Bluray 3D compatible. It can only support a subset of the new standards without hardware changes (it can't implement one of the required modes .. Frame alternative, I believe, but I could be wrong).

Comment Re:That's strange.. (Score 1) 859

You've never seen one explode a tire and send high-velocity rubber chunks flying out the side?

You do NOT want to be beside it when it happens, and with 18 wheels ready to pop, it happens too frequently for me to risk being in the trajectory when it does.

(Disclaimer: My daily drive is the stretch of 403/QEW which connects Niagra Falls (ie, the US) with Toronto (ie, the Canada), and there are a very large number of trucks on that road. Once you see a tire blow in front of you, you will never drive beside a truck again.)

Comment Re:Disney vs The Teaching Company (Score 1) 501

Assuming you've got access to a Windows machine (which is sadly the only platform for which 'hardcore' dvd ripping tools are written for), you should be able to attack the disk with a combination of AnyDVD (installs a device driver that will remove all known protection) and vStrip.

A word of warning: vStrip is NOT an easy tool to use (there are guides all over the place though), but it's by far the most powerful DVD ripping software I have ever found.

Comment Strange partial-fails of SDHC cards.. (Score 1) 357

I was given a 4GB SDHC card by a friend, frantic that all her photos had disappeared. She did not do anything do physically damage the card, it was sitting in her camera and just suddenly started showing 0 photos one day when she turned it on.

I popped it into my linux machine and started to dd all the data I could get off of it. The first 512MB were fine. The next 512MB were completely unreadable. The last 3GB were fine.

Not sure exactly what could cause this type of partial failure, but it certainly seems like SHDC cards are actually multiple devices internally connected together, and it's possible to have just one fail at a time. Alternate explanations are welcome.

(VirtualBox + XP + Kernel FAT NTFS did the trick by the way, was able to save 80% of the photos).

Comment Re:Call me a Luddite (Score 1) 492

Techno or any other "music" that requires all the effort of hitting some buttons.

I bet you think yourself mighty insightful, but exactly what do you do in order to play say, a piano? Beethoven was just hitting some buttons.

So how about you get off your high horse, and just admit that you don't like techno simply because you don't like it. This is fine, you are entitled to a personal opinion. Just don't claim your opinion is due to some inherent inferiority of the genre... it's not.

Comment Re:+Troll (Score 1) 781

Counter-anecdote: I have a Q6600 / 6GB 800Mhz RAM / 512mb Geforce 8600GT (almost the exact same system as you, with a little less RAM).

Running Ubuntu 8.04, with desktop effects cranked to maximum, at 1920x1200 .. everything is both responsive and beautiful. When friends come over and see my desktop, their jaws drop to the floor and they end up leaving with Ubuntu live CDs in their pockets.

I'm curious where your performance problems are coming from, considering our systems are so similar.. what motherboard chipset are you using? Intel ICH9 here (Asus P5K-C).

Comment Re:Macbook pro 17" (Score 1) 504

But the problem with S-PVA is that I will want to play sometimes and I wouldn't feel good with 30+ ms input lag, even if it may not affect my performance that much.

I know where you're coming from, and this was almost a deal-breaker for me when I was shopping for monitors. In the end though, I'm very happy that I decided to ignore the S-PVA input-lag naysayers. While I haven't tried anything recent, I can say that UT2k4 runs fantastic (and looks great) at 1920x1200, with no perceivable input lag.

Ultimately, being 1 frame behind is really not nearly as big of a deal as it's made out to be (like any game doesn't double- or triple- buffer anyway). Don't reject an otherwise all-around amazing display technology just because of that one thing.. at least not until you see it for yourself and realize just how stunning the images S-PVA displays can render are :)


Submission + - Linux-Based Archos 704 WiFi A/V Player Reviewed (

hardyh writes: "'s Gundeep Hora reviews Archos' latest Linux-based 704 multimedia player with WiFi integration. He concludes, "As we have already stated, the audio, video and photo performance was great. Menus worked flawlessly, the audio quality is superb, and so is video playback. The battery life passed the stated specs slightly, a pleasant surprise, indeed. However, there are certainly some quirks in the product that could be taken a look at and improved upon. Obviously this product is designed for travelers and isn't meant to replace your HTPC or another multimedia device that's more convenient than the Archos 704 WiFi."

Submission + - Harry Potter's screaming book now a reality.

An anonymous reader writes: The BBC is reporting that researchers from Mid Sweden University have managed to create paper that talks when you touch it, using pressure-sensitive inks and printed speakers. At the moment it really only works for billboards, because it requires a cardboard backing, but before long we can expect to see it in packaging and probably in children's "talking books" too.

The key to the billboard's capabilities is a layer of digital paper that is embedded with electronics.

This is printed with conductive inks, which, when applied with pressure, relay information to a micro-computer that contains recorded audio files. Sound then streams out from printed speakers, which are formed from more layers of conductive inks that sit over an empty cavity to form a diaphragm.

This functional layer is sandwiched between a thick sheet of extra-strong cardboard and another sheet of paper that is printed with the billboard's design.

Submission + - Windows Vista WGA Still Plagued By Problems

An anonymous reader writes: IWeek blogger Alex Wolfe writes that Vista is Still Plagued By Windows Genuine Advantage "False Postive" Problems. Along with his own experience (a support person hung up on him), he cites numerous cases on Microsoft's own forums where users have be forced to reactivate their copies of Vista and told there's a problem with their license.

[Messages like this: "After running vista for a few weeks, I rebooted this morning to find that my purchased copy of vista is no longer genuine."]
Based on the volume of problems, Wolfe characterized Microsoft's downplaying of false-positives last month as "spin control." Right now, the only "technical" solution when you run into this is to type "slui 4" into the command line and then go through phone activation. Have you had a problem with WGA? Do you agree with Wolfe that WGA should be shut off until Microsoft can resolve the 'false positives' problem? More importantly, do you think this could seriously undermine adoption of Vista?

Journal Journal: Fight Iranian gender-apartheid with one million signatures

Iranian women's rights activists are fighting gender apartheid through the "One Million Signatures" campaign, which demands an end to discriminatory laws against women. At present, men have the sole right to divorce and except in special cases, the right to custody of children. One man's testimony equals that of two women. A man's worth is twice that of a woman in cases of murder or bodily injury. A daughter receives half a son's inheritance. And certain positions, such as that of a judge, are c

Submission + - What's In A Twinkie?

ctwxman writes: "I grew up on Devil Dogs. Alas, there's no Devil Dog book, but now there is one about Twinkies — nature's perfect food thanks to the miracle of modern science and advanced chemistry! "Why is it you can bake a cake at home with as few as six ingredients, but Twinkies require 39? And why do many of them seem to bear so little resemblance to actual food?" Pure goodness doesn't come easy. Steve Ettlinger is the author of "Twinkie, Deconstructed," the definitive Twinkie story... even without the official help of the keepers of the Twinkie secret. It's all summarized on MSNBC. Before clicking, make sure you have a glass of milk handy."

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