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Comment Technical progression is limited to to marketing (Score 1) 712

Sadly I believe technical development in the modern world is being held up for one reason.... sales and marketing. I strongly believe humankind would be leagues ahead of where we are now if it wasn't for sales and marketing (or larger companies in general) wanting to make there money from the current technology before moving forward. There are so many technologies emerging now that should have been out years ago but have been delayed time and time again due to companies buying up the idea or simply holding development until the current sales of the current technology has leveled.... soon as it has, the "next gen" is released and/or development is restarted. Sadly this is the world we live in, the blame can't be soley put in the backs of companies however, consumers are never going to accept a constantly evolving technology, ie. if a new & faster version of the iphone came out each week people would soon loose patience (and money), you've also got to consider the amount of work that goes into supporting and maintaining new technologies.

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