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Submission + - Hellgate team responds to add and EULA concerns

krunk7 writes: The Hellgate team has responded to the unexpected back lash from the gaming community. The negative head lines were a result of what some saw as intrusive in game commercialization (ads) and EULA terminology allowing for blanket scanning of players computers. From the article:

This catch-all statement was included so that we have the ability to determine if someone is using hacks, unauthorized mods or other abusive applications while playing the game which spoils the gameplay for everyone else.
And concerning adds:

Also, this has nothing specifically to do with advertisements. EA has nothing do with Massive or potential ad-serving in Hellgate: London. First and foremost, any in-game advertising that would be in Hellgate: London is there to simulate how London looks in the real-world.

It would appear that such system scanning is par for the course in other popular mmo's from Blizzard and Everquest. Nefarious, evil company on the rise or just another mmo?

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