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The Matrix

Journal Journal: Starting Anew 1

So I was going to make a new account for myself and do a little trolling, just to see what it was like. It took me forever to find an ID that /. would accept, then the one I got, Pirogoeth, was just too cool to defile by using it for trolling. So now, I'm just curious to see how long it takes to get my Karma back up to "Excellent".

I did find out something interesting about the /. moderating system. I logged back into this account to write this JE and found that I had mod points, so I went into one of the comments I made in a journal and modded it up. I then went to mod up a second entry and found that all the comments had a mod drop-down except for mine. Must be a built-in safeguard to keep people from doing pretty much what I had planned. Good planning, actually.

So if you faithfully keep track of your fan lists, know that now I am doubly your fan! ;-)

United States

Journal Journal: Is it just me... 2

Regarding the President's speech Wednesday night, is it just me, or is it just flat out arrogance to introduce Bush as "The Leader of the Free World"?

No wonder other countries hate us...


Journal Journal: Guess the Movie 2

Got send out for a copy of Greek Wedding last night by my wife. Picked up a little something for myself, too: the Special Edition of one of my favorite movies...

"Look darlin'! That's Latin. It appears XXX is an educated man. Now I really hate him!"

The 2000 Beanies

Journal Journal: Zzzzzzzzap!

So I'm getting Lasik done. It was supposed to be done this Friday, but it got pushed back to next Monday. The type of laser that I needed wasn't available at the Milwaukee TLC center when I went in for the initial consultation last November, but a new one was supposed to be installed by the middle of December.


So now, unless I want to wait for an indefinite amount of time, I have to travel to Madison to get it done. No big deal, I guess, except that you have to have someone there to drive you home, and my wife and I had already taken Friday off, so we had to undo that and get Monday off instead. Plus, there's a follow-up appointment the next day, so instead of having it on Saturday, I have to take off next Tuesday as well. My boss was real happy about that...

At any rate, I'm excited. I've been in glasses since I was nine, wore contacts for awhile, but they started bothering my eyes and I can't wear them anymore, so I've been back in glasses for about two years now. I hate not being able to wear normal sunglasses.

The nice thing is, my insurance is picking up the tab. If all goes well, next year, my wife will probably get it done as well as she is covered, too.

BTW, I'm writing this with Safari. It's fantastic for /. A page with 400 comments would take about a minute to render in IE for Mac. With Safari, it's on in a couple of seconds. Cool!


Journal Journal: It's Week 7!

Talk about being a homer... I've got the home team winning every game this week save one... Denver over Kansas City.

Hopefully I'll do better than my dismal 8-6 from last week.

Update:12-2! In the words of the immortal Ric Flair... "Whoooooo!"


Journal Journal: Week 5 Picks

10-4 last week. Won the office pool week for the first time in two years. We'll see if I can continue that this week. So here we go...

  • Atlanta d. Tampa Bay *
  • Oakland d. Buffalo
  • Tennessee d. Washington
  • Indianapolis d. Cincy
  • Miami d. New England **
  • New Orleans d. Pittsburgh ***
  • Carolina d. Arizona
  • Dallas d. Giants
  • Denver d. San Diego
  • Kansas City d. Jets
  • San Francisco d. St. Louis
  • Jacksonville d. Philly
  • Cleveland d. Baltimore ****
  • Green Bay d. Chicago *****

* If I lose this week because of this game, I'm going to be kicking myself all week, but it's time to Vick to get a big win at home.

** Probably the hardest game to pick this week. Both these teams were undefeated last week, now one of them is going to lose two in a row.

*** Assuming the Superdome is still standing after Lili is done with it...

**** I'll always root for the Browns over the Ravens.

***** Hopefully Glenn's new meds will kick in so he can play Monday night. Considering how crafty Packer fans can be in picking up away game tickets, I'm predicting a 50-50 crowd split in Champaign, so might very well be a neutral site game. Favre won't pick apart the Bear's defense as much as I'd like to see, and it's going to be another close game, 17-14.


Journal Journal: Week 4 Results... 3

Yay! 10-4 this week, and I won the week in our pool! I'm also now just one point off the overall lead for the end-of-season prize.

Geez... Who saw the beatdown coming that Denver took last night? And the Lions over N'awlins?

But this week, it's

<Chris Berman Voice>

Packers! Bears! Monnnnday Night Football!

</Chris Berman Voice>

Let the trash talking begin!


Journal Journal: Week 4 Picks 1

A few weird games this week that will probably come back and bite me in the butt. 12-2 last week, we'll see if that hold up...

  • Buffalo d. Chicago
  • New Orleans d. Detroit
  • Green Bay d. Carolina *
  • Kansas City d. Miami **
  • St. Louis d. Dallas
  • Philly d. Houston ***
  • Pittsburgh d. Cleveland ****
  • Jacksonville d. NY Jets
  • NY Giants d. Arizona
  • Tampa Bay d. Cincy
  • Oakland d. Tennessee
  • San Diego d. New England *****
  • Seattle d. Minnesota ******

* Can't pick against the Pack at home. We'll see if the Panthers are for real or not...

** Miami's good, but are they 4-0 good? I think not.

*** I've got Philly for my defense in my fantasy league. They'll be racking up some big points on Sunday!

**** Here's one of my flyers. Hopefully the Steelers will have regrouped after the bye week and can pick up their first win at home.

***** Here's the game I hate. With my luck, The Pats are going to end up crushing the Bolts. Hopefully the Brees will blow Tom Brady back into reality...

****** Here's the other game I'm not sure about. Moss is going to start, but is he going to play?


Journal Journal: God, I Hate the Packers 1

Well okay, not really, but man I hate sitting there watching games while they fritter away a two+ touchdown lead in the fourth quarter and have to rely on an interception with time running out to save the sinking ship.

Why do they always have so many problems in Detroit? The only game I can remember where the won easily is back in '96 when I (and about 30,000 other Cheeseheads - It was like Lambeau Field East!) drove to Pontiac for the game where Desmond Howard was a machine on returns.

At least Da Bearsss lost...


Journal Journal: I'm a Big Cell Phone Dummy 1

Quick question...

I've been looking at that cool Sony-Ericsson phone that Apple has been showing in their Bluetooth/iSync information

The funny thing is, I can't find this phone with any of my local cell providers.

Can I purchase this phone elsewhere, and then get it hooked up with my provider (Verizon) or am I stuck with just what they have to offer?

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