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Comment Re:Better than IE (Score 1) 308

This is exactly my reasoning because typically IE is the only major browser that misbehaves. Why start by writing a ton of code for a browser that doesn't properly implement DOM/CSS? I save all the ugliness for last rather than build my entire application on a foundation of hacks and work-arounds.

Comment Re:Better than IE (Score 0) 308

It's simply a matter of my own incompetence? I'd almost be inclined to believe that were it not for the fact that IE routinely breaks despite my code working beautifully in every other browser. In other words - their bad, not mine.

Starting with IE is a good suggestion, I'll just switch to table-based layouts and use strictly decade-old CSS.

Comment Re:Better than IE (Score 0) 308

Y'know, over a decade and 4 versions - you'd think M$ would have straightened up their implementation of the DOM, especially with increasing and high profile competition from Google. As a web developer, it never ceases to amaze me when I design a web-site that works in nearly every browser *except* IE(any version). I typically have to budget as much(or more) time fixing a site for IE as I spent designing it in the first place. Sometimes I wonder if they're just fucking with us or legitimately writing a browser. If IE doesn't shape up, I'm going to order an army of monkeys to un-install it from every computer of the face of the planet.

Comment Re:Credit Where Credit Is Due (Score 1) 90

..securing user data after it's been made public on Google for the world to see forever after does not make up for the poor design, implementation and security..

Neither TFS nor any previous poster said that GroupOn's effective, albeit untimely, response in any way abdicates them from the responsibility for the leak. TFS simply meant that GroupOn's immediate reaction(once they knew what had happened) deserves some consideration.

they shouldn't be in a position of such responsibility in the first place, let alone now

I'm guessing that you mean that if a software developer can't write 100% secure software the first time, said developer shouldn't develop software at all?

the entire management and security team should be replaced

Please correct me if I'm not understanding this correctly, but it seems to me that you're advocating strict government oversight of the entire software industry.

Comment Re:They deserved it (Score 1) 669

No, GP really isn't missing the point. The repercussions are justified when the accuser can prove without a shadow of a doubt that such accusations are in-fact true. Doling out punishment simply based on an accusation is not justice. Not to mention that witness testimony itself is known to be incredibly unreliable and inaccurate. And regardless of how serious the accusation is, it is important to incessantly question everything, assume everything is false, and be SKEPTICAL.

If I say, "The moon is falling," this is a VERY serious accusation against the moon, as it might mean the inexorable extinction of every organism on the planet. After making said statement, you then look up at the sky and see doubtless proof that the moon is in-fact still in orbit and ultimately conclude that my statement is false.

Given that scenario, am I then to be hauled off to jail and charged with a felony?

In lieu of a proper education system, our gov't instead "protects" the people from themselves by doling out fines and punishments for inane and pointless bullshit, like making wildly inaccurate and idiotic statements. Oh no, this is super serious because it involves pedophilia - think of the children. Please. These kids are stupid for what they did. The school administrators are stupid for how they responded. And last but not least, society is stupid for blowing defamation out of proportion. Are we all really so narcissistic that someone baselessly calling us names warrants their exile, incarceration or financial ruin?

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