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Comment Re:Experience trumps (Score 1) 494

As an experienced engineer, making at least 2x the salary of a fresh grad, am I worth it? Yes, in fact I'd sort of describe that as a killer deal. Turn the question around: could my company lay me off, take my salary, hire 2 interns and get as much or more done? Hell no. There is no number of interns that could replace me. Even if you could find 2 interns that could match my productivity in terms of lines of code, you'd still need a master-craftsman system designer, like myself, to manage them and actually get a cohesive product at the end. And on a fixed schedule, don't get me started... Allows Players to Bet On Console Game Matches 112

eldavojohn writes to tell us of a new service, "," that allows gamers to put their money where their mouth is with respect to their console gaming skill. "BringIt supports the PlayStation 2, the PS3, the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Players challenge each other on the site, but play on their consoles. BringIt holds players' entry fees until the game is finished. After the game is done, it verifies the results and credits the winner, minus the service fee. To attract players of a broad range of skill sets, BringIt has separate tournaments meant for novice players and expert gamers. Levin compared it to the handicap system in golf or the weight-class system in wrestling.

Comment Re:It's so very odd..... (Score 1) 1376

Gnick, I don't think you and the GP are that far apart in your thinking. I think most rational, scientifically minded people will agree that the idea of bearded, robed, man-like god sitting on cloud with a sheppard's staff watching us is silly. I suspect that there are no gods. I find it highly unlikely that there is a god or gods. But I still don't know. To me agostism implies openness mindness in admitted ignorance, whereas strict atheism requires an unfounded sureness or confidence similar to strong faith in a deity.

Comment Re:Yeah, right (Score 1) 325

The AC above is right, Apple expects serious hoop jumping, and wants to controls the content too tightly. That's why I'm putting my chips on Android devices eventually dominating the handset market. Being open source it'll be cheaper, more developer friendly and there won't be any limits on content. IE all the content about sex, drugs and violence, you know the fun stuff, will only come out for Android devices. Porn and cheapness and developer friendliness and freedom will prove an unstoppable combination against Apple's early market lead.

Comment Re:JavaScript? (Score 1) 214

Completely agree. IMO, web development is exactly the right technology to teach in school. You've got freeness and ubiquity - as noted, you can start with nothing but a browser and a text editor. You've also got great motivation on the part of the kids - they all have online lives, so generating web content interesting to them. And you've got instant visual gratification. In only a few minutes you can have kids displaying graphics. If you put that together with an advanced class about PHP (another C-like syntax) and SQL, by the end of it you'd have semi-competent LAMP developers. Very useful general skills.

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