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Next Generation of Algorithms Inspired by Ants 106

letsurock writes "Ants' capability to find the shortest route through a maze in an hour, and to find the second shortest route when the first path was obstructed, has inspired researchers creating algorithms for the future. From the article: 'Finding the most efficient path through a busy network is a common challenge faced by delivery drivers, telephone routers and engineers. To solve these optimization problems using software, computer scientists have often sought inspiration from ant colonies in nature — creating algorithms that simulate the behavior of ants who find the most efficient routes from their nests to food sources by following each other's volatile pheromone trails. The most widely used of these ant-inspired algorithms is known as Ant Colony Optimization (ACO).'"

Comment Re:WL is run by the CIA (Score 1) 833

Exactly, have people stopped to think ? Simply that the leaks are for a reason as 'controlled opposition'.


If dual citizens who make up much of the Pentagon&rsquo;s leadership are working with Israel or AIPAC to formulate Wikileaks, as seems to be the case, then the upcoming leak will serve a pro-Israeli agenda, even if it damages the United States, as other Wikileaks have. These are Israeli agenda items:

Discrediting Obama foreign policy in order to weaken the president&rsquo;s influence with congress to push for a halt on new settlements in Palestine and the forced removal of Islamic property owners.

- Accusations involving Turkey, now feuding with Israel over the killing of Turkish citizens on the Mavi Marmara, now recognized as a purely humanitarian mission. These accusations against Turkey may include weapons being supplied to terrorists in Iraq, a fanciful abuse of reality. What will not be reported, if this story is &ldquo;leaked&rdquo; either through Wikileaks or the other Israeli sources, &ldquo;Debka&rdquo;..&rdquo;Stratfor&rdquo;..&rdquo;FamilySecurityMatters.org&rdquo;..or the infamous &ldquo;IsraelNationalNews.com&rdquo; is Israel&rsquo;s 40 years of complicity in the very acts they now accuse Turkey of.

-More importantly, is the issue of blaming Turkey for the actions of the terrorist group, PKK, long funded by Israel and now claimed to be allied to Al Qaeda, is vital to Israel&rsquo;s strategy against Turkey.

- Expect Pakistan to be hit, as usual. An Islamic nuclear power with a top rate million man army that outclasses Israel hands down, Pakistan, primary competitor for US aid dollars, a country that actually has agreements with the United States and real troops fighting alongside Americans, will get their usual Wikileaks bashing

Comment Re:Bozos at work (Score 1) 199

You're right the USPTO is a pit.
There is also the issue of abuse of process. In this case by applying them on competitors and selectively.
If you want the patent office really riled up ask them about free energy devices. Here's an excerpt from the T. Henry Moray story that illustrates the other side of the patent office.
T. Henry Moray And The Suppression Of Free Energy By: Alain Prud'homme
Shortly after World War one Moray produced his first elementary device that delivered measurable electrical power. He then went on to produce a free energy device weighing sixty pounds and producing 50,000 watts of electricity for several hours.
Even thought he demonstrated his device repeatedly to scientists and engineers, he could not get funding to develop his device further such as a power station that would furnish electrical power on a mass scale.
Moray continued improving his machine whenever he had the time.
Test after test he effectively proved that his machine could generate energy devoid of any appreciable energy input. According to exhaustive documentation, no one was ever capable of demonstrating that the machine was fraudulent or that Moray had not achieved precisely what he claimed.
During one of his experiments Moray ran his device for 157 hours without any connection to external power sources, and produced over fifty kilowatts of power during the test.
He also established that an additional fifty kilowatts could be added by simply providing another tap further back in the circuit. He had proven beyond doubt that the device was generating electrical energy from free and natural sources without batteries or external power.
Even with all his demonstrations and documentation to back him up, the U.S. Because his device used a cold cathode in the tubes and he failed to identify the source of energy, the Patent Office refused to grant Moray a patent.
The patent office also presented all sorts of unrelated patents and devices as being infringed upon or duplicated by his work. Moray patiently answered and nullified these spurious objections to his patent.
To this day the U.S. Patent Office continues to ignore the patent application and the patent has still not been issued. In spite of all this the Morays still keep the patent application current.

Moray was certainly not the first nor the last inventor that the U.S. Patent Office ignored or refused to grant patents to. A quick search on the internet will confirm this.
I hypothesize that this is a way in which the US government and various vested interests try to suppress inventions in various fields.
In the 1930s various powerful people tried to obtain the device. Because he refused to sell out to these people he and his family were threatened and shot at on several occasions and his lab ransacked to stop his free energy research and public demonstrations.
His book, The Sea of Energy in Which the Earth Floats [THE SEA OF ENERGY IN WHICH THE EARTH FLOATS, For Beyond the Light Rays Lies the Secret of the Universe, The Evolution of Energy and Matter Originally compiled for the Layman in 1926 from excerpts of the Writings first presented in 1914] makes for interesting reading.
In his book Moray presents documented evidence that he invented the first transistor-type valve in 1925, far ahead of the officially recognized discovery of the transistor.
The Moray Radiant Energy discovery, using radiations from the cosmos as its power source, gives the greatest amount of energy per pound of equipment of any system known to man.

Comment Bozos at work (Score 1) 199

Let me see, Oracle is suing Google for patent infringment and copyrights. The question is why is Oracle NOT suing Microsoft for the same technology. If the judicial system had two brain cells they would have dismissed these suits - with prejudice.
The crux of Oracle's suit against Android is -
- Method And System for Performing Static Initialization (6,061,520)
- Interpreting Functions Utilizing A Hybrid Of Virtual And Native Machine Instructions (6,910,205)
- Method And Apparatus For Resolving Data References In Generated Code (RE38,104)
- System And Method For Dynamic Preloading Of Classes Through Memory Space Cloning Of A Master Runtime System Process (7,426,720)
- Method And Apparatus For Preprocessing And Packaging Class Files (5,966,702)
- Protection Domains To Provide Security In A Computer System (6,125,447) and Controlling Access To A Resource (6,192,476)
How is it that Microsoft gets away with CLR's and making commercial products with glee ?
Well. That's the control grid the Anunnakis will have made for mere mortals. All is well in the world. Now go back to sleep.

Comment Not sleepwalking, more like zombies (Score 2, Informative) 166

I know it's old but... India Sleepwalks Into a Surveillance Society
"ZeroPaid has a fascinating roundup of news stories surrounding the latest surveillance laws passed in India, including a first-hand account of someone writing from inside India. The legislation in question is the Information Technology Act's amendment bill 2006, which was recently passed in the Indian parliament. Things you can't do with the new legislation include surfing for news in Bollywood and looking up porn on the internet. The legislation also allows all transmissions over the internet to be monitored for any form of lawbreaking and permits a sub-inspector to break into your house to make sure you aren't browsing porn on your computer."
Democracy is null and void for the moment.

Submission + - Turning attackers tool against them (bbc.co.uk)

Tasha26 writes: BBC has an interesting web security snippet from the SyScan 2010 security conference in Singapore. In a presentation, security researcher Laurent Oudot released details of bugs found in commonly used attack-kits such as Neon, Eleonore and Sniper, proving that not only are they not secure but these loopholes could be exploited to get more information about the attackers, perhaps identifying them, stealing their tools and methods, or even following the trail back to their own computer.

Submission + - BP oil spill flu - people getting sick in Gulf

baptista writes: People are getting sick in the Gulf states. This is an extinction event.

- Riki Ott toxicologist talks about the toxic effects of BP gulf oil spill http://bit.ly/ctUgIu people getting sick

- The Newsroom at WOAI reports Gulf oil spill fumes cause mysterious flu like illness a.k.a. TILT (Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance) http://bit.ly/9sxmxq

- Jimmy Guidry MD. LA. State Health Officer sees oil spill "as a huge experiment with our wildlife and our health in the Gulf" http://bit.ly/apM179

- Toxicologist Dr. Riki Ott says people are getting sick in four Gulf states while BP disposes of oil spill evidence http://bit.ly/bJNwXo

Submission + - SPAM: Slow Aging

ronniemj writes: here are a number of SLOW movements and the philosophy underpinning them is derived from an understanding that though time is precious, rushing to try and fit more in is not the answer. SLOW aging is about actively engaging with and savouring the aging process. It is about healthy ageing and how to live longer in health. It is not about how to live longer at the cost of quality. SLOW aging is about conscious living; it is about embracing the aging process. Anti-aging can sometimes be interpreted as a quick fix pathway, whereas SLOW aging is about deliberate disease prevention and maintenance of structure, function and quality of life
Link to Original Source

Submission + - In THIS house... FTL fields and currents. Really! (scientificamerican.com)

fyngyrz writes: So you think of electrons like dominoes in a wire. Push on the one in the end, the others react one after another. Pretty vanilla physics. Further, because the electrons are moving, you get magnetic effects, radio, etc. Good stuff. So. What if you move all the "dominos" at once? Put your virtual hand on all of them, and push them over. They're not moving sequentially any longer. They move together. At any speed you can make them go. Well, that's what these researchers are doing — "pushing" all along a conductor at once, able to make a signal go — ready? — FTL. Fascinating stuff. And it may explain pulsars.

Comment Valcanos ? try the Milky way (Score 1) 875

Do you know what is causing global warming ? Did you know that the 'global' warming is tied with the entire solar system warming due to the fact that higher energy levels from the Milky way are making the Sun to burn hotter and emit higher energies ? Go ahead and research the full extent of this Scam called the global warming tax.

Have you looked up in the night and wondered why is it that the solar system is not in the same plane as the galactic plane ? Well, according to Matthew Perkins Erwin's postulate, Earth and the Solar System are from a neighboring galaxy called The Sagittarius Dwarf. The odd angle suggests that our Sun is influenced by some other system. Together with data from the Two-Micron All Sky Survey we now know what it is. We actually belong to the Sagittarius Dwarf galaxy. "We sifted several thousand interesting stars from a catalog of half a billion," said co-author Michael Skrutskie, U.Va. professor of astronomy and principal investigator for the 2MASS project. "By tuning our maps of the sky to the 'right' kind of star, the Sagittarius system jumped into view."

Using volumes of data from the Two-Micron All Sky Survey (2MASS), a major project to survey the sky in infrared light led by the University of Massachusetts, the astronomers are answering questions that have baffled scientists for decades and proving that our own Milky Way is consuming one of its neighbors in a dramatic display of ongoing galactic cannibalism. The study published in the Astrophysical Journal, is the first to map the full extent of the Sagittarius galaxy and show in visually vivid detail how its debris wraps around and passes through our Milky Way. Sagittarius is 10,000 times smaller in mass than the Milky Way, so it is getting stretched out, torn apart and gobbled up by the bigger Milky Way.





<b>Other changes happening in our system</b>

The "marriage" of our birth galaxy with our new adopted Milky Way galaxy is causing energy shifts that are obvious just about everywhere. Here are some changes being watched by scientists:

* A growth of dark spots on Pluto.

* Reporting of auroras on Saturn.

* Reporting of Uranus and Neptune polar shifts (They are magnetically conjugate planets), and the abrupt large-scale growth of Uranus' magnetosphere intensity.

* A change in light intensity and light spot dynamics on Neptune.

* The doubling of the magnetic field intensity on Jupiter (based upon 1992 data), and a series of new states and processes observed on this planet as an aftermath of a series of explosions in July 1994 [caused by "Comet" SL-9]. That is, a relaxation of a plasmoid train which excited the Jovian magnetosphere, thus inducing excessive plasma generation and it's release in the same manner as Solar coronal holes inducing an appearance of radiation belt brightening in decimeter band (13.2 and 36 cm), and the appearance of large auroral anomalies and a change of the Jupiter - Io system of currents.

Update Note: A stream of ionized hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, etc. is being directed to Jupiter from the volcanic areas of Io through a one million amperes flux tube. It is affecting the character of Jupiter's magnetic process and intensifying it's plasma genesis.[Z.I.Vselennaya "Earth and Universe" N3, 1997 plo-9 by NASA data]
* A series of Martian atmosphere transformations increasing its biosphere quality. In particularly, a cloudy growth in the equator area and an unusual growth of ozone concentration.

Update Note: Mars Surveyor Satellite encountered an atmospheric density double that projected by NASA upon entering a Mars orbit. This greater density bent one of the solar array arms beyond the full and open stop. This combination of events has delayed the beginning of the scheduled photo mission for one year.
* A first stage atmosphere generation on the Moon, where a growing natrium atmosphere is detected that reaches 9,000 km in height.

* Significant physical, chemical and optical changes observed on Venus; an inversion of dark and light spots detected for the first time, and a sharp decrease of sulfur-containing gases in its atmosphere.

* A Change in the Quality of Interplanetary Space Towards an Increase in Its Interplanetary and Solar-Planetary Transmitting Properties.

When speaking of new energetic and material qualities of interplanetary space, we must first point out the increase of the interplanetary domains energetic charge, and level of material saturation. This change of the typical mean state of interplanetary space has two main causes:

* The supply/inflow of matter from interstellar space. (Radiation material, ionized elements, and combinations.)

* The after effects of Solar Cycle 22 activity, especially as a result of fast coronal mass ejection's [CME's] of magnetized solar plasmas.

Comment Election fraud (Score 1) 179

Guess the voting machines were designed by the same genius who gave the country it's most impregnable computer security for the Department of Defense. Phew I'm relived ... NOT



Comment Re:EVM: Simple tech & tamper resistent procedu (Score 1) 179

I regret to inform you the Election Commission is not competent to make comments on Electronic voting machines.

" poll rigging is minimized to the maximum extent possible " is not good enough.

Perhaps you should start with reading the article and the comments by people who are exposed to "Computer security".

Let me see
Simple accessible technology == Chinese technology ?

Elaborate security procedures == Electronic Voting machines carried on Elephants ... enough said


<quote><p>The way EVMs reduce rigging is not by any superior technology. It is based on simple accessible technology and elaborate procedures to ensure that poll rigging is minimized to the maximum extent possible. Check this very detailed FAQ by Election Commission of India, specifically Q24 and Q28.</p><p><a href="http://www.indian-elections.com/electionfaqs/electronic-voting-machines.html">http://www.indian-elections.com/electionfaqs/electronic-voting-machines.html</a></p></quote>

Comment Amazing! the depths of ignorance (Score 1) 132

Its not an accident that the both the ruling party and the opposition party are hyping this as a panacea for citizen convenience and national security. These scum that have come into power by election fraud want to retain power at all costs and control citizens. Read George Orwells 1984 and tell me you think this is an innocent development.

Do you know that India cannot provide basic health and education to its citizens. And these floozies claim, that having a citizen database will solve the common mans problems. How about they spend this money on cutting down the government and making it more efficient. One reason for the lack of transparency in India is that the government is so huge, that no one knows what is going on !!

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