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Comment Re:Why do libertarians support him? (Score 2) 281

When talking about Trump, policies and logic aren't really part of the equation. Jeff Bezos is also a prominent libertarian and doesn't look like supporting Trump anytime soon.

Trump is a cult of personality. His words, his promises, his supporters and his detractors -- everything related to Trump has to do with his personality and not with any incoherent policy crap he tees from /dev/urandom day-to-day.

Comment PR stunt (Score 2) 397

This is pointless click-bait, made even more obvious by putting iPhone on the top. Why isn't the QWERTY keyboard the most influential gadget of all time? The beloved iPhones still use QWERTY, no? Why isn't telephone itself at the top? That's what connected the world, no? How about telegram, the precursor to both internet and telephone? "Gadget" and "most influential" are both loosely defined terms. The sole purpose of this article was to somehow get iPhone to the top.

Submission + - Microsoft Comes Out with Support for Apple in the Encryption Debate

krkhan writes: Microsoft's Chief Legal Officer, Brad Smith, supported Apple at a congressional hearing today in an intriguing way.

To make its case against Apple, Smith pulled out an adding machine manufactured in 1912 while speaking at today's hearing. "We do not believe that courts should seek to resolve issues of 21st century technology with a law that was written in the era of the adding machine," he said. Smith also warned of this particular case setting precedent for others in the technology industry. "Every case has implications for others," he said. The spectacle didn't go unnoticed. Before the hearing moved onto other topics, Smith was asked "Do you have any other props?"

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