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Comment Still faxing records... (Score 1) 117

I work for a private non-profit mental health provider and we use an EHR that is supposed to be an "industry standard". However, in order to share records with another agency we have to print the records and fax or mail them. I use a fax machine every day. Even when I'm sharing records with a facility that uses the same system, I'm unable to send them electronically. We can't even email records because there doesn't seem to be an industry standard for "secure" email. The secure email system we have basically uploads the message and associated document to a server and sends the recipient a link. They then have to register a user name and password. In the end it's just easier to fax them the records. I'm told by people in our medical records department that when they get records on a disk, they have to print the records and then scan them into our system because the files aren't compatible with our system.

Comment Be consistent with treatment and actively manage s (Score 1) 218

I don't work in tech, but I do work with people who have mental illness. Being consistent with your medication and other treatment is something that is so important, but is easy to slip please up on. I would encourage you to speak to your treatment provider about developing a relapse prevention program. This would ideally include a fair amount of stress management. I would also encourage you to have an honest discussion with your family and treatment providers about how to handle the situation if you do have a relapse of symptoms, and write it all down in a mental health advance directive (this ensures your wishes are carried out if you are temporarily unable to make good decisions for yourself). If remembering pills is a problem for you, a long acting injectable might be an option. There are some good products that only require a monthly injection. They are pretty expensive, but there is help getting co-pays covered. It's also a chance to check I regularly with your treatment provider to discuss any problems you have. All of that said, it sounds like you know yourself pretty well and know what you need. I have confidence you can handle whatever situation comes up!

Comment Re:Needless? (Score 1) 361

I make it a point to get up and visit people in other areas once or twice a day. Just a quick 2-3 minute conversation goes a long way. I also make it a point to regularly find small ways to be helpful to other people. This builds relationships that go a long way toward getting things done, and making the work day a little bit nicer.

Comment Re:Not Big Brother, and long overdue EAS extension (Score 1) 199

I agree. I've gotten tornado warnings and flash flood warnings on my phone that I probably wouldn't have gotten as quickly otherwise. I love that it's based on my location so I don't get alerts for an area I'm not in, and miss alerts for the area I'm currently in. I also like that it forces me to acknowledge the message. A simple text message isn't enough to wake me up in the middle of the night, but I like that this will wake me up if there's a tornado warning. I like to think of it as a weather radio built into my phone.

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