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Comment Re:My solution to the patent issue (Score 1) 274

What about having a "bounty" system for patent examination?
The entity that wishes to patent something posts a problem description and bounty money and time frame to solicit response. The bounty money will be say 5 million times the amount they will be allowed to charge per license and one human being required only one license in his lifetime and duration of the patent will be five time the time frame they give for soliciting the competing solutions.
Then anyone one from common public (bounty hunter) is allowed to propose the solution to the given problem. Top ten peer rated proposal are compared against the "candidate" solution by the same peers. If the candidate solution is rated better by the peers proposing the solutions it gets patented using above mentioned licensing scheme. All the proposed solutions become public domain knowledge and the bounty hunters get the bounty money divided in them.
High cost: Makes sure that no silly patents.
Reasonable time frame: If they want to patent for 20 years, good for them. People will get 4 years to think about solutions.
Clear licensing cost: Everyone know how much is it worth.
More innovation: For every patent idea multiple free alternatives.

It can be tweaked to say the bounty money will be what it would cost to license for 5% of the market that define. If they define narrow market, the patent will be applicable only in that narrow market.

Comment Re:Sounds like (Score 1) 1229

Yes. And likewise you don't speak for me. You choice of GMO crops is encroaching upon my choice of natural crop. If you want to eat GMO crop, go ahead, create it, grow in your greenhouse and eat as much as you want. But don't taint my crop with yours by planing it in open space. And if you decide to sell, mark it as GMO so that I can't be fooled into buying it.

Comment Re:Re-enforcing India's Supreme Court (Score 1) 478

SC in 2004 has not said that Astrology is science. It has given a verdict on an SLP by scientists that it cannot stop UGC/GOI from allowing Astrology in Universities as there is no law for doing so. Any court has to make a verdict as per the existing laws. Unfortunately there is no law forbidding an elected government in starting any such course. Probably UGC /GOI wants to start a Doctoral course in Black Magic, no court can stop it.

Auto Incorrect 86

theodp writes "Combine smartphone auto correction and fat-fingered virtual keyboard typing, writes Rob Walker, and the results can be hilarious and even shocking. The website Damn You, Autocorrect collects the awesomely embarrassing text messages that you never meant to send. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to masturbate some chicken for bisexuals night!"

Solar Panels For Your Pants 81

Phoghat writes "A new line of clothes come with its own solar panels to charge small electronics in your pocket. It might be overdoing the 'Green' technology but for the low, low price of $920, you can own a pair of Go Urban Cargo Pants, which boasts 'fly front, low-slung drawstring waist, and two back patch pockets with button down flaps,' but the main reason you might want them is the: "'two side cargo pockets with independently functioning power supply.'"

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