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Journal Journal: SonyEricsson to stop developing firmware for P990/W950/M600

It is 1½ years now that the Sony daughter SonyBMG bought us the Root-Kit. But it seem that the uproar at the time did not teach Sony a lesson. Now it is SonyEricsson which brings grieve over the user.

The Background: With 25 bugs reported SonyEricsson creases development for the P990i/M600i/W950i series. From the announcement:

These firmware releases meet the requirements of bug fixes prioritized by our operator customers and the Customer Services organization within different markets.

Well I always suspected it and now it is proven: The end user is of no concern to mobile phone producers.

Any remaining issues are of course unfortunate, but we feel that with the level of quality on the latest P990 firmware we now have a good, solid product.

May I quote from the bug list:

1. Memory leaks are still present - it's worse than Release 5.

22. The newest firmware contain a lot of defects. My P990 reboot 2-5 times per day. I can use "Exchange ActiveSync" only after a reboot cause maybe an hour later it doesn't connect to server.

24. The phone crashes on incoming SMS.

25. The phone crashes on incoming calls while another call is already active.

So that's what Sony calls a "good, solid product." — good to know. But the best quote from the announcement is certainly:

Due to all heavy features in P990, the need for RAM memory has grown. [...] The low RAM memory situation for the P990 will unfortunately remain for the heaviest users, and would not be fixed by a new firmware update since it's hardware related. Multi-tasking on the P990 however works satisfactory provided that you don't run too large and memory-consuming programs at the same time. Performance improvements have indeed been made for the new P1 phone compared to P990 and the user RAM available for applications has been increased with >400%, significantly improving multi-tasking performance and application behaviour so that you can run a lot heavier programs simultaneously.

So — Sony, you did not put enough memory into the P990i — your top of the range flagship phone — to work as expected and the solution is: Buy the now P1i. You made a mess of it by under powering the P990i and expect us to pay for your mistakes by buying a new phone?

Well, Sony did it again — treating there customers with content. I wonder if this time round Sony finally manages to destroy it's good brand name or if we are going to forgive them again.

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