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Submission + - After weak performance on PC, Sim City is coming to Mac (

colinneagle writes: EA announced today that the latest iteration of SimCity will be coming to the Mac on June 11. Available exclusively as a digital download, folks who already purchased the game for their PC will be able to get a Mac version for free via EA's Origin online store. Note, though, that the game isn't merely a simple port of the PC version.

"We didn't want to make any compromises when it came to the Mac so we created a native version that is optimized for the hardware and OSX," EA Senior VP and General Manager Lucy Bradshaw explained.

The PC version of the game currently has a 1.5-star rating on Amazon based on nearly 2,500 reviews. You might remember the chaos that ensued following the release of the PC version game as a result of the game's always-on DRM scheme. In order to play the game, users had to constantly be connected to EA's servers. EA's servers, however, couldn't handle the load and the result was frustratingly sluggish gameplay, with many users also reporting that hours worth of changes made during gaming sessions were going unsaved. EA subsequently promised to increase the number and stability of their servers. Server capacity in particular increased by 400%. And while the company refused to issue refunds to disgruntled consumers, they did offer SimCity owners the ability to download a free EA title from their online store.

Submission + - Publisher Baffled at Apple Banning Comic With Gay Sex Scenes ( 1

DavidGilbert99 writes: Image Comics has told IBTimes UK that it has been left "baffled" at Apple's decision to pull an edition of its space fantasy publication Saga which contained two postage stamp images of gay sex from its iOS app — despite previous editions containing similarly explicit images and the edition still being available through the iBookstore.

Submission + - Steve Ballmer: We won't be out-innovated by Apple anymore (

An anonymous reader writes: Let's be honest. If you were to compile a list of words that encapsulate the last 10 years for Microsoft, the word 'innovative' probably wouldn't make the cut. Sure, they've had great overall success with the Xbox and, more recently, with Xbox Kinect, but the bulk of their revenue is still derived from unexciting software like Microsoft Office and various iterations of Windows

But going forward, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer plans to change that. In a recent interview, Ballmer explained that the company had ceded innovations in hardware and software to Apple but that the times they are a 'changin.

"We are trying to make absolutely clear we are not going to leave any space uncovered to Apple," Ballmer explained... "Not the consumer cloud. Not hardware software innovation. We are not leaving any of that to Apple by itself. Not going to happen. Not on our watch."

Submission + - TSA testing drinks at the gate (

shutton writes: Apparently being forced to discard your Aquafina in the security line doesn't convince the TSA that you haven't had access to something interesting in the so-called "sterile" area. Anyone seen this happen?

Submission + - Pirate Party Germany at 2% on German Federal Elect (

krischik writes: "The German Pirate Party received 2% of the votes on last Sundays federal elections in Germany. While this is not enough the pass the 5% / 3 direct seats minimum requirement to enter parliament it is still more then the 1.5% Green Party received on there first run in 1980. At it's time the Green Party needed three runs to enter parliament. The Pirate Party is now the strongest of the minor parties.

For those who wonder: Seats in the German Parliament are half assigned by direct votes and half assigned by proportional representation. To qualify any seats from the proportional pool you need 3 seats from direct candidates or 5% of proportional votes."


Amazon Wants Patent For Inserting Ads Into Books 219

theodp writes "Three Amazon inventors set out to correct what they felt was a real problem: that 'out-of-print or rare books ... typically do not include advertisements ... the content is fixed and, therefore, has not been adapted to modern marketing.' Their solution is spelled out in newly-disclosed Amazon patent applications for On-Demand Generating E-Book Content with Advertising and Incorporating Advertising in On-Demand Generated Content. From the patent apps, here's what the future of reading may look like: 'For instance, if a restaurant is described on page 12, [then the advertising page], either on page 11 or page 13, may include advertisements about restaurants, wine, food, etc., which are related to restaurants and dining.' So, what would a delightfully-tacky-yet-unrefined Hooters ad do for your Hemingway experience?"
The Courts

Red Hat Challenges Swiss Government Over Microsoft Monopoly 245

An anonymous reader writes "'Linux vendor Red Hat, and 17 other vendors, have protested a Swiss government contract given to Microsoft without any public bidding. The move exposes a wider Microsoft monopoly that European governments accept, despite their lip service for open source, according to commentators. The Red Hat group has asked a Swiss federal court to overturn a three-year contract issued to Microsoft by the Swiss Federal Bureau for Building and Logistics, to provide Windows desktops and applications, with support and maintenance, for 14M Swiss francs (£8M; $15M) each year. The contract, for 'standardized workstations,' was issued with no public bidding process, Red Hat's legal team reports in a blog — because the Swiss agency asserted there was no sufficient alternative to Microsoft products.'"

Submission + - HP gives Macs with Time Machine a backup upgrade ( 1

justechn writes: "Previously Mac users that wanted to use Time Machine had to have a separate hard drive for each machine. Now, thanks to HP and the MediaSmart EX487, Time Machine can now use a central sever for all its storage needs.

As we all know Microsoft released the Windows Home Server Software late in 2007, but it only worked with Windows machines. This was not good enough for HP so they worked with Apple to create an extension to Time Machine that allows it to use a networked machine as the storage location for the backups. This is a big benefit for Mac users because all your backups are now in a central location and they can be duplicated to guard against hard drive failure.

HP also includes many other exclusive features, like an iTunes server, Media Collector, Photo Publisher, and a Server summary screen.

The only question remaining is, Will Mac users actually buy a product that is powered by a Microsoft OS?"


Windows 7 Taskbar Not So Similar To OS X Dock After All 545

cremou brulee writes "Redmond's photocopiers have been unusually busy for the last couple of years, with the result that Windows 7 copies a lots of Mac OS X features. First and foremost among these is the Dock, which has been unceremoniously ripped off in Windows 7's new Taskbar. Or has it? Ars Technica has taken an in-depth look at the history and evolution of the Taskbar, and shows just how MS arrived at the Windows 7 'Superbar.' The differences between the Superbar and the Dock are analyzed in detail. The surprising conclusion? 'Ultimately, the new Taskbar is not Mac-like in any important way, and only the most facile of analyses would claim that it is.'"
PC Games (Games)

Why Game Developers Should Support OS X and Linux 283

kevind23 writes "Although Mac OS X and Linux have a small (but growing) market share, Jeff from Wolfire Games argues that supporting non-Windows platforms can lead to a huge increase in game sales. Using their popular game Lugaru as an example, he shows how less-popular platforms, or more specifically, their userbase can be a powerful advertising force. This can lead to a dramatic increase in popularity and exposure, which usually means a large boost in overall sales. The short article is an interesting read, especially for those working in game development and sales."

Submission + - Go Daddy profits from expired domains (

An anonymous reader writes: GoDaddy goes to great lengths to hide its expired domain warehousing operations. Scottsdale, Arizona based The Go Daddy Group, which runs the world's largest domain name registrar, is warehousing its customers' expired domain names and profiting from them. The company has taken a number of steps to hide this practice from public view.

Submission + - Opera 10 Alpha 1 released; passes Acid 3 test (

Khuffie writes: "It seems that the upcoming version of Opera 10, of which the first Alpha has recently been released, has already passed the Acid 3 test with a 100/100. The only other rendering engine to have a complete score is WebKit, which can be sign in Google Chrome's nightly build. Opera 10 Alpha 1 will also finally include auto-updates, inline spell checking, and also sees some improvements to it's built-in mail client, including much-requested rich text composition."

Submission + - goes in limited BETA! (

jgrenon writes: "The Free Open Source Software Exchange (FOSSX) launched its first limited BETA today. This is the first beta phase which targets the gradual rollout of this community driven open-source technology valuation tool.

FOSSX is a virtual stock exchange used by members to establish open source software perceived value to the technology community. By managing their portfolio to their best knowledge of the industry, by investing their virtual money in project they believe in, members build up their credibility, help establish market trends and also help open source software get more visibility. FOSSX provides a quick way to survey similar open source projects, analyze their maturity through community reviews, supported by the reviewers established credibility. Keep track of technology indexes like the PHP-200 or the JAVA-200 to get a feel of where's the market going! Visit FossX to create your free account and start building your open source technology portfolio to the best of your knowledge. Build up your credibility by finding rising stars early, provide enlightening reviews and support other members' ones. Register new open source projects and get them traded! Help open-source projects while having fun!"

Submission + - FX-602P Simulator now in beta test. (

SF:krischik writes: The first -test-release for the FX-602P Simulator is here. The FX-602P Simulator is a full features simulation of the classic CASIO FX-602P programable calculator. There is a JavaME, OSX universal binary and dashboard as well as a platform independent JavaSE version available: I hope you all have fun with the new version and give me some bugs on the also new bug tracker: Have fun!

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