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Comment Stagnant? (Score 1) 150

Just because you don't know what they're doing doesn't mean they aren't... I was just looking at this article which points out that Apple's R&D has gone up many times over since Job's passed on...

Apple has a VERY long view of their devices, and the incremental improvements and developments you see in their products today are only glimpses of what I believe will come down the line.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 2, Interesting) 644

I call BS on that. In every meaningful way, on domestic policy Hillary has been among the furthest left leaning people in DC for decades. IF that's not far enough on the spectrum for your taste, that's as bad as the tea party extremists who say their way or the highway. She has fought for a progressive agenda from her first days out of college, with an incrementalist approach that has meant walking the nation further to the left year by year instead of failing by trying to force a nearly ideologically split nation beyond it's comfort. She's made missteps, but when you've been on the national stage for that long that's bound to happen, and she has grown every step of the way. The byproduct of that is that she's evolved to be the best candidate available for the seat of the president.

Comment Re:Will it finally have .. (Score 1) 295

Case sensitivity in OS X works just fine now, if you don't install any third-party software... And most software just works, especially if it's a Mac First program... But a lot of stuff that's developed cross-platform has weird inconsistent file referencing that "works just fine" in Windows and case-insensitive HFS+ but breaks once you start caring about case.

Comment Convergence device? (Score 3, Insightful) 231

Most pundits decry Apple for not making the iPad a convergence device. The tablet condenses nearly every hard problem in making computers - big, high-res displays take more memory and compute to drive. Memory takes battery to drive. Battery weighs a lot. Nobody wants to carry that weight. Every tablet is a compromise - no matter what MS tries to tell you.

Comment Stop rewarding the... (Score 1) 209

...AAA industry for developing Windows Only.

There are literally THOUSANDS of games for Linux and Mac on Steam, and for every DirectX/Windows exclusive purchased on launch you could comfortably buy 2-4 of those and get just as much time, enjoyment, story and entertainment if not more.

Reward devs who support the platforms you want to use. Buy their software, and don't buy software from companies who don't want you.

The same goes for hardware. If you reliably buy GPUs that support Linux drivers well, and give feedback wherever possible that it was a contributing factor in your choice, they will do it more.

Vote with your $$

Comment Emacs much? (Score 1) 388

Relevant to what I was just reading - More seriously, emacs runs on nearly every platform around, in some cases is natively installed, and has several VERY good email clients depending on your needs and workflow... mu4e as a search-based client, gnus for people who deal with lots of threaded and list-based emails, mew for the more traditional IMAP workflow... Extensible to nearly any purpose, each client is on it's own a best-in-class for a certain type of user.

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