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Comment Re:MacBook Pro (Score 1) 288

But there isn't anything I can't do on it that I could do on linux.

sure there is - You can't sanctimoniously complain about manufacturers not supporting your Freedom!

Apple is a leading OSS contributor, and on top of that makes the best hardware in the business, especially when it comes to laptops. Putting a Macbook of any line next to a Dell, HP, or Asus, comparing the fit/finish/polish, makes any other brand feel like toys.

I use Mint KDE on a Thinkpad at work, and while it's a perfectly adequate solution, it never feels as solid as a Macbook, and no other OS compares to macOS.

Comment Re:Escape (Score 1) 524

Thank you for pointing that out - I was skimming to see if someone had before doing it myself. I normally remap caps-lock to control though, and the reach to Esc already had me doing the ^{ more of the time anyways... Even on a smaller keyboard the F-keys and Esc are farther than you should have to reach from home row.

Comment Re:will this be compared to MAC BOOK Touchpad? (Score 4, Interesting) 183

Many years ago Apple acquired Fingerworks and got the best engineers of touch-pad and gesture-navigation in the business... And it shows. PC manufacturers are largely buying the cheapest, oldest tech they can for wherever they can get away with it, so they can race to the bottom on price and still hope to have some kind of margin... And pointer devices are one place where it shows.

Comment Re:BS on the bokeh (Score 1) 551

And yet, everyone and their brother will be slavishly attempting to copy the effect on other devices within months...

Tilt/shift is another physical effect that has been recreated with software to decent effect... For those of us who don't have the budget for extreme glass, software is easily good enough.

Submission + - Public Schools, The Canadian Public School Technique (

LynggaardBernard9 writes: Now in 21st century all countries rely on other people to exist as a nation because today all countries without having exception they need the merchandise of other countries as raw components or items for that men and women require for this cause the planet is in a steady economy and transfer energy to develop this people need a worldwide language to facilitate these transfers, a worldwide language may possibly be English since this is the most studied language and is the language of the 1st planet power. In regard to the role and status of

Submission + - Facebook Engineers Crash Data Centers in Real-World Stress Test (

An anonymous reader writes: Facebook's VP of Engineering Jay Parikh described the company's Project Storm--regular takedowns of Facebook's data center intended to stress test the company's disaster recovery efforts. The first few didn't go so well, he reports (perhaps doing a test during a World Cup Final was not such a good idea). Months and months of planning went into the initial effort, though up until the actual moment, other Facebook leaders didn’t think he’d actually take out an active data center. Parikh recalls: “I was having coffee with a colleague just before the first drill. He said, ‘You’re not going to go through with it; you’ve done all the prep work, so you’re done, right?’ I told him, ‘There’s only one way to find out’” if it works. (Parikh made the remarks at this week's @Scale conference in San Jose)

Submission + - Explosion Rocks SpaceX Site At Kennedy Space Center (

Hagen18Junker writes: Witnesses reported seeing a fireball, hearing numerous explosions, feeling shock waves in buildings several miles away at Kennedy Space Center and seeing aplume of smoke rising from Launch Complex 40 just soon after 9 a.m. If America is behind and are unhappy about it, then the combined US space agencies want to push ahead a priority to perfect their own space taxis. Could all this be a coincidence, surely but coupled with the Chinese stock marketplace crash the day before and the explosion of the SpaceX shuttle four days ahead of,

Comment Stagnant? (Score 1) 152

Just because you don't know what they're doing doesn't mean they aren't... I was just looking at this article which points out that Apple's R&D has gone up many times over since Job's passed on...

Apple has a VERY long view of their devices, and the incremental improvements and developments you see in their products today are only glimpses of what I believe will come down the line.

Comment Re:The DNC overlords always get their way (Score 2, Interesting) 644

I call BS on that. In every meaningful way, on domestic policy Hillary has been among the furthest left leaning people in DC for decades. IF that's not far enough on the spectrum for your taste, that's as bad as the tea party extremists who say their way or the highway. She has fought for a progressive agenda from her first days out of college, with an incrementalist approach that has meant walking the nation further to the left year by year instead of failing by trying to force a nearly ideologically split nation beyond it's comfort. She's made missteps, but when you've been on the national stage for that long that's bound to happen, and she has grown every step of the way. The byproduct of that is that she's evolved to be the best candidate available for the seat of the president.

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