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Comment Re:About bloody time! (Score 1) 142

Both parties have "friends" in the oil and gas business. Actually, the boot heel of the Fossil Fuel industry knows no bounds. Their great power is sourced from 7 Trillion dollars in Carbon, and Hydrocarbon sales and associated social reach among all other wealthy Powers that be. Include Oil & gas services, such as the ILL-lustereous luminaries GE, Halliburton, and Schlumberger to name a few; The political power and social powers of the Carbon industry are awesome, and can stun any politician , media outlet, or environmental organization on the planet. The Fossil fuel industry behemoth and banking minions can make or destroy anyone regardless of political stripe, or physical geography. Obama trembles. Bush trembled. Both were pawns of their Oil and gas lords. The last threat to oil was ended in 1994, when the 3 pigs, Clinton, Kerry and Gore, successfully killed the threat emerging from Argonne National Labs adjunct installation in Idaho. those nose to the grindstone scientists and engineers were getting ready to release the IFR which would have closed the nuclear fuel cycle. Such a device would certainly have kept downward pressure on Oil and gas revenues. The Oil and gas industry won, successfully getting their Minions in Congress and the Administration to kill the project (just as it was ready), but kept the Scientists and Engineers employed to prevent the challenge to Oil and gas from emerging elsewhere through alternate funding. Here we are 20 years later, with the alternatives to oil and gas only being extremely weak, intermittent and unreliable sources like windmills, solar panels, and methane from cow poop. They've won. The people are screwed.

Comment Re:Screw water (Score 1) 736

It takes *exactly* the same amount of energy to pull a water molecule apart as the energy you get out when you put one back together. Why isn't this clear to people?

    Water, however, if properly introduced into an old (and inefficient) carburetor can boost power by breaking up the gasoline mist into smaller droplets after the compression stroke. It may therefore make an engine that is, say 30% efficient be instead 31% efficient. A good modern Fuel injector, however, will win hands down.

      The question I have, is: Why is Reuters soooo dang stupid?

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